New Executive Board

Christopher Ioerger
Jessica Sullivan
Amanda Grimm
Vice-President of Membership
Morgan Redemann
Stephanie Kielgas
Griffin Holland
Katie Boyer
Alumni Secretary

New Candidate Class

This semester, Gamma Pi has 21 new brothers in training. They’re all excited to go through the membership education process this semester and we’re excited to have them! Below are pictures and names of the new BITs.

North Central District Convention

The North Central District Convention will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 8th through April 10th.
Currently, we are the chapter with the most attendees. We have 17 candidates, 18 active brothers, and  alumni all going to convention this year!
Registration is still going on until March 8th. After March 8th, there will be a $5 increase. The link for registration can be found below:
In addition to having so many members attending this year, I, Katie Boyer, am currently running for Vice President of Programs for the North Central District Office. Convention will be huge this year and we encourage alumni to attend!

Gamma Pi Calendar

Here is the list of events Gamma Pi will be having this semester. Feel free to attend any you want!

February 28th, 10AM – TAPOUT
March 8th, 10AM – SECOND DEGREE
April 24th, 6PM – Band/Activation Banquet

For more updated versions of what’s going on in Gamma Pi AND the band department, please click on the button below to access our calendar and save on file:


Purdue Archives

The past few semesters, Gamma Pi has been helping with Purdue Archives, located in Stewart Center Library. We’ve been helping by reorganizing the band and orchestras section of the archives, which is a great opportunity for the brothers to learn about the department’s history and fun facts not well know, such as this excerpt about Spotts Emrick that was found in the archives:



“At Purdue, Emrick not only developed America’s premiere college band; he developed a reputation for toughness sprinkled liberally with some of the saltiest language then heard in West Lafayette. Nor at band practice did Emrick care much who heard him. One bandsman, apparently not playing up to Emrick’s standard, took Emrick’s blast full on, as Emrick loudly compared the sound the hornsman made with that of a dozen goats flatulating.”

Alumni Dart – February 2016

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