New Executive Board

I am proud to announce the new Executive Board for the active Gamma Pi Chapter’s Fall 2016 semester!

Christopher Ioerger
Christopher Ioerger is a senior in Chemical Engineering who plays Alto Saxophone in the All-American Marching Band. Ioerger is ready to begin his second semester as President and says, "I am really excited to see what new projects members will bring to the table. We've had some unique ideas already and I'm excited to see them grow."
Jacob Boesch
Jacob Boesch is a junior studying Civil Engineering. He plays baritone in the All-American Marching Band and recently served as a delegate at North Central District Convention. Jacob adds, "I'm very excited to begin in my role. I hope to help guide our new Value Chairs this coming semester in order to have chapter run as efficiently as possible."
Emily Damone
Vice-President of Membership
Emily Damone is a junior double majoring in Statistics and Mathematics and plays Mellophone in the All-American Marching Band. Emily is most excited to try and implement a different type of recruitment with more personal recruitment at events. She wants to make aware the difference between a social fraternity and a service fraternity.
Morgan Redemann
Morgan Redemann is a graduate student studying Food Science. Morgan was a brother of Kappa Alpha, Minnesota's chapter. She twirled both at Minnesota and now with the All-American Marching Band. Morgan, who was a treasurer last semester, explains, "I'm acclimated now, so I'm excited to be more comfortable with chapter. I'm also excited to recruit and see how we will diversify chapter with auxiliaries."
Laura Long
Laura Long studies psychology and is a sophomore. She was recently inducted last Spring 2016 from "Break the Psilence." Laura plays clarinet in the All-American Marching Band and comments, "I'm most excited to see the chapter in a new way. There's only so much you can do as a BIT (Brother in Training) so I'm excited to see a new perspective."
Griffin Holland
Griffin Holland studies Aerospace Engineering. Now a junior, the alto-saxophonist in the All-American Marching Band states, "I'm really psyched to delve into the archives. Boesch and I got a good look at it from composites and there's a lot of weird stuff. I want to be more interactive with chapter because there's a lot of potential for it."
Olivia Glowacki
Alumni Secretary
Olivia Glowacki studies Human Services and is also a sophomore from the new BIT class, "Break the Psilence." She plays Tenor Saxophone in the All- American Marching Band and is most excited to begin correspondence with the alumni. She looks forward to updating the website and helping out with the homecoming festivities.

New Values Chairs and Special People

Previously, our chapter had “Committee Heads” which were chosen representatives of the chapter who held specific duties such as finances, publicity, or services head. Last semester, the Vice President along with a few dedicated members met several times to change the system to accommodate for Gamma Pi’s specific values: growth, integrity, initiative, community, and passion. Here are the new heads and special people!

Co-Growth Chairs: Emily Davelis and Nick Iavagnilio
Co-Initiative Chairs: Kristin Darling and Emily Dawley
Community Chair: Joshua Woods
Integrity Chair: Lizzie Neal
Passion Chair: Kyle Manion
Finance Head: Garrett Bruns
Computer Guru: Jacob Dunbar
Publicity Chair: Brenden Schultz

Brother in Training (BIT) Service Project

Before becoming brothers, each class must come up with a service-related idea to help the band. This year, the new BIT class, Break the Psilence, decided to renovate Slayter. The BITs thought to give back to the Jazz students in Slayter, which was in desperate need of a new paint job and deep clean of the risers and shelving units. Spending a whole Saturday together cleaning the inside of Slayter while dancing and rocking out to the Queen Radio Station on Pandora, the BITs got to bond in a rewarding way to help the band. Check out some pictures of Break the Psilence’s project!

Al G. Wright’s 100th Birthday Celebration

June 23rd, 2016 marked 100 years for previous marching band director, Al G. Wright. He was the second Director of Bands for Purdue and dutifully served for 27 years. To honor him, the Lafayette Citizen’s Band played him a tribute.

Upcoming Events

All-American Marching Band End of Camp Performance
August 20  7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
@Hull Field (Across from Shreve Hall)

All-American Marching Band Home Football Game
September 3

Jazz Tailgate Concert
September 3 10:00 am – 11:00 am
@Slayter Center of Performing Arts

Alumni Dart – July 2016

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