Committee Heads

For this dart, I’m going to introduce the committee heads and all the many different things they have been doing this semester!

NealChapter Services Head
Lizzie Neal, 3rd Year in Mechanical Engineering
Saxophone, AAMB Student Leader, Technology Officer, GABS

The chapter services committee maintains chapter ritual equipment, makes senior boards for graduating seniors, and creates the Bandiange, which is a magazine for the marching band away trips. So far this semester, chapter services has made a Bandinage for the Northwestern away football game and finished the senior board for our December graduate!

Membership Headsullivan
Jessica Sullivan, 2nd Year in Economics with a concentration in Management, and a Spanish minor.
Saxophone, Advancement Officer, Boiler Brass, Boiler Box Band

Membership committee serves to plan events for prospective brothers. Some of the events done so far have been the amazing race, a Halloween fest where we have painted pumpkins and decorated cookies, and outdoor and indoor games. We also planned a brother/sister bonding event with TBS to play kickball and get to know everyone better. Also we have planned a full band/orchestra event where we cheered on Purdue as they played Michigan State. We watched the game, grilled hotdogs, played games, and had over 100 people in attendance. This semester has definitely been a success.


manionMusic Head
Kyle Manion, 2nd Year in Mathematics
Saxophone, Student leader in AAMB, Supply Officer, Boiler Brass, GABS

The purpose of the music committee is to promote musicianship through the chapter and the bands. Music shares are shared at each chapter meeting to showcase different musical acts or musicians to the chapter. In November, a group of brothers went to Westminster to perform for some wonderful senior citizens. My most recent project is to get a group a brothers will bell ring for the Salvation Army later in December.


Service Headchris_orig
Christopher Ioerger, 3rd Year in Chemical Engineering
Saxophone, Supply Officer, GABS

The function of the services committee is to facilitate the organization/planning of service ideas and the help with the implementation of the plans. The committee works to support one of the main functions of the chapter. So far this year the service committee has been busy with organizing stage crews for all concerts within the band department. It has also taken on multiple small construction projects to benefit the band. Some of these include building a firebox for the All-American Twirling Team and helping clothing in reorganizing their space.


hurtFinances Head
Christopher Hurt, 4th Year in Chemical Engineering
Saxophone, Student Leader in AAMB, Technology Office

Finances Committee is in charge of raising money for the chapter in order to put back to the band program. So far, Finances organized Lunch for a Buck, where we fed about 500 band members during band camp, even making about $100. Finances has also worked with the Treasurer, Brandon Barker, to organize Mackey Merchandise throughout the football season.


Activities Committeedamone
Emily Damone, 2nd Year in Statistics
Mellophone, Library Officer, Boiler Brass

The purpose of the activities committee is to plan events for chapter, and most recently the entire band, to promote brotherhood and community across the department. This semester the committee has been focusing on events across the band department to get students involved outside of class, specifically we have been planning watch parties for away football games as well as a reading band for the month of musicianship.

Alumni Dart – November 2015

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