University of Illinois Away Trip


During our Fall Break, the marching band took our annual away trip. This year on October 8th, the All-American Marching Band visited the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Before kickoff, our band and auxiliary had the opportunity to meet and visit with the “Marching Illini” and our Gamma Pi chapter had the experience of meeting with the newly formed Nu Xi chapter. We talked about our chapters, exchanged gifts, and took a photo of the two chapters! Our Gamma Pi historian Griffin Holland had the responsibility of giving the Nu Xi chapter a gift and decided on a Purdue Pot! Since pots are rooted in Gamma Pi tradition and history, Griffin decorated the pot with various Boilermaker pride trinkets and pins. The Nu Xi chapter granted us a Kappa Kappa Psi paddle in the spirit of brotherhood.

Besides meeting with the Marching Illini, the Boilermakers were privileged to witness a win in overtime against a BIG 10 team. Those who have marched with the All-American Marching Band know this means every member in the band got to wear their uniform hats backwards. For many this was an unexpected surprise and some were found in joyful tears following the field goal which gave us the win!


darto6Purdue played Iowa for homecoming on October 15th. While we lost, the festivities of homecoming were enough to keep the crowd entertained throughout the game. The show for the All-American Marching Band was a tribute to the 1967 Rose Bowl band and their Circus show performance. Some members of that very band were present for homecoming and had an opportunity to be honored during the 211 session as well as during the football game.

In addition to the spectacular performance, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma constructed props for the show. Our role was to make boxes for “lions” (tuba players) to step on showing they’re tamed. Tau Beta Sigma made lion head coverings to go over the tuba bells.Without the work of both chapters, the Circus show would not have been such a success.

Finally, a special shout out and thank you to those who joined us for the alumni breakfast. The current brothers and sisters had a wonderful time chatting with past members of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma!





Day of Service

In the middle of the chaos surrounding homecoming and recruitment, both Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi got together to clean Elliott, renovate new practice spaces, and organize the music library and Kloset. On Saturday October 22, around 60 brothers, sisters, and potential candidates for membership got together for a day of service! Not only was this a recruitment event to see who in the band is interested in serving our department, but it was a way for brothers and sisters to come together to beautify and organize our practice spaces.


At the beginning of the day, we split all brothers and sisters in half to either stay in room 15 and sweep the floor, disinfect stands and chairs, and shine tubas. The other half went upstairs to our newly gained practice spaces and while they are new to us, they are not new at all. Rather, they are the remains of practice spaces for other musical organizations. Two brothers from Break the Psilence headed the practice room project, Andee Reynolds and Nick Iavagnilio.

The music library also was in need of reorganization. Emily Damone, our Vice President of Membership is also the team leader for the Library Team. She had the task of moving over 250 pieces of music out of the current music library into the hangar to make room for incoming orchestra music.

A side note worth mentioning with the music library change is the new relationship service chapters must form with the Volunteer Management Team, formerly called the Officer Corps with student offices. Each office, like the library office, clothing office, and records and recruitment office have been formally renamed with the new Volunteer Management Team. Mostly, this is a change in language to reflect the purpose of the teams. This change also requires a reorganization in the relationship between service chapters like Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi and the teams. While it is very new, the system and relationship reorganization is still functioning effectively.

Change of Website

Attention all alumni of Gamma Pi: The current chapter of Gamma Pi is in the process of consolidating our website ( to the GPAA (Gamma Pi Alumni Associaion) website ( The main reason this is happening is to make access to all Gamma Pi information easier. Instead of navigating multiple websites, all information from GPAA and the current chapter can be found in the new website ( Beginning in November, I will swtich to posting my darts to the website. Any questions can be directed to me at [email protected]

Passing Pep Band on the Boilermaker Special


Kyle Manion, our Passions Chair, which deals specifically with incorporating our shared passion of music into chapter’s activities, organized and executed a fantastic opportunity for brothers last week. Last year, Kyle came up with the idea to form a small pep band that would play fight songs around campus on Friday afternoons before a home football game on the following Saturday. Since the formation of what he calls “passing pep band” his ensemble has grown to include the Reamer Club and our very own official mascot, the Boilermaker Special. On Friday October 28, around 20 brothers got together to play various pieces of music while riding the Boilermaker Special driven by the Reamer Club. Kyle Manion mentions, “Passing Pep Band is my attempt to create a Purdue Band tradition. It’s always kinda come and gone and it’s never had nay staying power. Getting the Special involved is my attempt to really make the group something everyone looks forward to seeing and hopefully doing for years to come. The Reamers even donated the Special to us because they want this to be successful too! I just want a new tradition because I think the band has kind of stagnated in this area.” Great job to Kyle and all who participated and if any alumni are in the area on a Friday before a home football game, come and listen to our passing pep band!

Brother of the Week


Kristin Darling our services co-chair was given the Brother of the Week paddle from Emily Damone who saw her dedication with creating props for the circus show. Kristin spent countless hours gathering supplies and tools and organized brothers to help construct the boxes used in the show. Had it not been for her diligence, tenacity, and enthusiasm the circus show would not have gone on! Kristin is a trumpet student leader in the marching band and a junior in food science. A fun fact about Kristin is that she has been riding horses since she was 8 years old!


Nick Iavagnilio was given the Brother of the Week paddle from Kristin who recognized Nick’s work with the library. With basketball season in the air, Nick was challenged with making folders and bags of music for hundreds of players in our various ensembles like Boiler Brass and Gold and Black Sound. Nick not only flawlessly rose to the challenge, he did it on top of giving music to concert bands and the marching band. His hours of over-time in the library department helped many ensembles. Nick is a trumpet student leader in the marching band and a sophomore studying biomedical engineering. A fun fact about Nick is he likes to dance and does musical theater in his (very little!) spare time!
Alumni Dart – October 2016

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