With band camp coming to an end and fall classes beginning, the month of September has been especially busy for Gamma Pi brothers. In this edition of the dart, I’d like to highlight a few projects and events our chapter has planned and shine the spotlight on a few brothers who have been model examples of the values of Kappa Kappa Psi. I would also like to notify all Gamma Pi Alumni of the upcoming joint Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi Homecoming Breakfast on Sunday October 16 beginning at 9:00 am

HELL YES, DAMN RIGHT… Band Cheer Board Project!


Taking the EXTREMELY HEAVY band cheer board to the AFL. Pictured are Josh, Olivia, Russell, Nick, Ducky, Nate, and Andy.

In 2006, the newest Gamma Pi BIT Class decided to construct a board to be hung up for all to see in room 15 with the entirety of the band cheer carved into it. As new words are added each year (the newest additions being “Flores” for the Colombia trip and “Roy” to honor the Voice of the All-American Marching Band, Roy Johnson), the band cheer has simply outgrown the board. Katie Boyer, a senior brother, noticed this issue last semester and decided to form a committee to take down the board, transfer it to the AFL (Artisan and Fabrication Lab), and cut each word and phrase out to auction them to band alumni in the near future.


Preliminary steps to cut out each word or phrase of the band board! Photo by Katie Boyer

We are still in the process of cutting board at the AFL where some brothers have had a “hands-on” experience with the board. Katie, who has registered with the AFL in order to go in the workshop and help cut the board herself, states, “We’ve been working on this project for about a year now and I’ve gained some cool skills working in the AFL because of my involvement with Psi.”

To fill the void of the missing board, the brothers of Gamma Pi are brainstorming ideas in remaking the new board modular, where each word or phrase has it’s own board. Although there are ideas in going digital, we are partial to keeping a wood structure. Most likely, we will use the AFL to help us in reconstructing the modular board pieces.

State Day


The brothers of the 4 Indiana chapters on State Day.

Saturday September 17, Kappa Kappa Psi brothers from the four chapters of Indiana (Alpha Beta at Butler University, Alpha Zeta at Indiana University, our Gamma Pi chapter, and Lambda Lambda at Indiana State University) gathered at Purdue to get together, talk about their chapters, and get to know fellow brothers better at what is supposed to be an annual event known as State Day.

Emily Damone, our Vice President of Membership, headed the event which involved correspondence with each chapter and planning dinner and other activities. Tasked with hosting State Day, which was once previously forgotten for about 5 years, Emily wanted this one to be fun and casual seeing as we only get together with other chapters at formal events like Convention. Emily mentions, “it creates a fun and informal environment to get to know, chat with, and have real discussions with brothers that we may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.” Some activities she planned included Kappa Kappa Psi Jeopardy, a cookout, indoor and outdoor games, and much down time to freely get to know brothers. Natalie Lamport, a junior brother states, “State Day was such a phenomenal experience for me. I loved getting to catch up with brothers from other chapters in an informal setting, and I was especially excited to spend time with fellow oboists!” Our district president, Jeric Tumang from Alpha Zeta, was also in attendance. Emily Dawly, a sophomore saxophonist of Break  the Psilence shares her fun at State Day, “It was awesome getting to talk to our other Indiana brothers because of how much we have in common in terms of geography and our love of band. It felt like we had all known each other for a while because of how much we were able to joke around and have fun. It was really cool talking to Jeric from the AZ chapter and having him sign my BIT board since he is a district officer!”

Joint Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Alumni Homecoming Breakfast 

Join the brothers and sisters at the annual Homecoming breakfast on Sunday, October 16, beginning at 9:00 am in Lawson Computer Science, Room 3102.  A free continental breakfast for you and a guest will be provided.  Special presentations from both chapters will begin at 10:00 am.  If you are planning on attending, please RSVP before October 7. Please RSVP using this link: https://purdue.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1YBFOqfwDRMfjTL

Brother of the Week!

The month of September has highlighted three brothers thus far for their exemplary dedication to Kappa Kappa Psi. Please read about their accomplishment and a fun fact about them!


Jacob Boesch was awarded the Brother of the Week paddle from the previous BIT class, Break the Psilence. Over the summer, while juggling an internship, he took over the supply and equipment volunteer team during its most busy time of the year to clean, repair, and issue instruments to around 400 students trying out for the marching band. Jacob, a junior baritone marching band member, is obsessed with basketball and loves the Pacers as well as the Boilermakers. 


Brendan Schultz was awarded Brother of the Week Paddle from Boesch who saw his hard work in creating the Band Day shirts which all the high school marching band members wear for their performance with the All-American Marching Band on Band Day! Brendan worked tirelessly with Professor Conaway and Morgan Redemann to perfect the design. While he is a saxophonist in the marching band, Brenden can twirl and according to All-American Twirler Morgan Redemann, can twirl pretty well and is working on elbow rolls.


It is no surprise Emily Damone was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle from Brendan Schultz for her work in planning a successful State Day. Without her timely organization skills and her attention to detail, it is clear State Day would not have occurred. Emily’s dedication and hard work in planning State Day allowed for nearly 75 brothers from all 4 chapters in Indiana to bond in the name of musical brotherhood and enjoy one another’s company. For fun, Emily, a junior mellophone player in the marching band, loves to knit and recently made a fox blanket for her nephew.

Upcoming Events:

October 8 Purdue V Illinois Away Trip
October 15 HOMECOMING: Purdue V Iowa
October 16 Joint TBS and KKY Breakfast- SEE ABOVE- &RSVP
Alumni Dart – September 2016

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