Greetings Alumni!

The school year is coming to a close and while things should be winding down for Gamma Pi brothers, we are driven and focused on the Fall already! We just elected a new executive board and will soon announce our chair positions. The new executive board is as follows:

President: Joshua Woods

Vice President: Andee Reynolds

Vice President of Membership: Emily Pawluk

Treasurer: Nick Iavagnilio

Secretary: Jacob Boesch

Historian: Stuart McCrorie

Alumni Secretary: Olivia Glowacki

We congratulate these brothers and every brother who ran for positions!


Third Degree

The new class, Sound the Psiren was formally initiated into the Gamma Pi chapter on Sunday April 2, 2017. Big brothers presented their littles with family letters and other traditional gifts to congratulate them for their devotion to this chapter, this school, and the band and orchestras program. Brothers from the Alpha Zeta chapter of Indiana University even joined us along with several alumni members! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us and congrats to the new brothers!

North Central District Convention

2017 North Central District Convention (NCDCon) was held in Columbus, Ohio. Hosting convention were the Chi and Eta Chapters from Ohio State University, the Iota Epsilon Chapter at Capital University, and the Gamma Omicron Chapter of Otterbein University. Brothers from Gamma Pi and Sisters from Beta Sigma joined together to go to workshops, attend third degree and award ceremonies, and even play in the North Central District Intercollegiate Band.

Purdue Chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma went to NCDCon and arrived back home with awards in tote and pride in what we’ve done the whole year! Sisters in TBS won district awards and Kaley Bean was even recognized for her outstanding work in chapter. As for Gamma Pi, we were awarded OSPA, or the Outstanding Service Project Award for our Day of Service and hanger move!


Sound the Psiren’s Class Service Project

Per the request of Professor Gephart, the newest class decided to repaint the band lounge and clean it up. This project is phenomenal and the results of it will be shared with every member of the department which passes through the doors of the band lounge. The class went in the band lounge for hours at a time to clean, paint, and polish the room. They paid attention to such detail and the band lounge looks wonderful. Great work to the new class for striving high and making a positive impact!


Activation Banquet

Before the Spring Band Banquet, sisters and brothers got together to introduce each chapter to the incoming classes of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. TBS announced their newest class, “Meow Mix,” and Gamma Pi’s new class, “Sound the Psiren” introduced themselves as well. Tau Beta Sigma gave out their Beta Bo(quet) of flowers to Christopher Ioerger, for his passion, dedication, leadership, and service to bands and orchestras department at Purdue, and moreover his commitment to Gamma Pi specifically. We are so proud of Chris and see greatness in his future as he will graduate this May with a degree in Chemical Engineering!

Gamma Pi gave our award, “Gamma Pi Sweetheart” to Joe Bean, a sophomore of Tau Beta Sigma who worked diligently on videos and publication for Purdue Bands as a whole and the Beta Sigma chapter of TBS as well. He’s a dedicated, hard worker and we look forward to seeing what his next two years at Purdue will entail!


Christopher Ioerger Awarded Life Member Status of Kappa Kappa Psi

At the Spring Band Banquet, Christopher Ioerger, the president of Gamma Pi was awarded Lifetime Member status from district governor and former brother of Gamma Pi, Jason Mlady. We could not be more proud of Chris, who is very deserving of this award. Working with him personally on the executive board, I have much respect for Chris and his ability to lead, delegate, and impact positive change. I think the rest of the chapter would agree with me in saying congratulations to Christopher Ioerger! We cannot wait to see the great things you do!

CONGRATS to MANY of our brothers including Jessica Sullivan, Kristin Darling, Lauren Bailey, Emily Davelis, Christopher Ioerger and MANY MORE!!!


Final Chapter and Purdue Day of Giving 

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU, to EVERYONE who donated on Purdue Day of Giving! We cannot lament enough how happy and thankful we are to all donors, no matter how big or small the donation. The donations are primarily what help us to stay in band through scholarships, play school owned instruments, look spiffy in uniforms, and play tons of new sheet music. THANK YOU!

While we are thankful for YOU, the ALUMNI DONORS, we are also thankful for everything the students and active brothers did too! Like posting on social media, running around campus screaming our fight songs, and even donating themselves. To incentivize current brothers to participate, the president, Christopher Ioerger, promised that the most active brother on Purdue Day of Giving (like doing all the challenges) gets to pie him in the face on final chapter. Lo and behold, Emily Pawluck, the most active brother on PDOG was given this lovely opportunity. Here are some pictures- or a play in 3 acts of Emily pie-ing Chris. 









ALSO at final chapter, we found out the winners of the Brotherhood Challenge: Anna Sagstetter and Natalie Miller! Congrats to the pair who earned the most points by eating together weekly, going to major landmarks on campus, and seeing a ton of concerts! Great work (P.S. their family has won it THREE YEARS in a row!)



Finally, a special shoutout to Nicole Misselle and Justin Shaefer for performing a live music share at final chapter on the baritone. The selection they played was arranged by Justin and was a medley of some awesome, entertaining pop songs!




Kappa Kappa Snap Streak

Our second winners of the Kappa Kappa Snap Streak Paddle goes to Brendan Schultz and Justin Schaefer! Congrats to them and their long distance snap streak, as Brother Schultz is on co-op in Bloomington!

Also a special shoutout to Joshua Woods who is expanding Kappa Kappa Snap Streak across the district to our brothers at IU! Josh even mentioned that while he was at convention, he got to see in full form, a friendship established between the brothers at Gamma Pi and Alpha Zeta because of Snapchat and the fun, competition of Kappa Kappa Snap Streak! We only hope to strengthen this bond and extend it beyond IU!


From the Brothers Themselves!
The last dart I sent, I had brothers tell me their favorite thing they did all semester with Kappa Kappa Psi to recap the semester!

Erica Wolf, Piccolo: “Painting Slayter was really fun- I enjoyed getting rid of the pukey salmon color.”

Christopher Ioerger, Alto Sax: “Managing to somehow caucus in a hotel room without getting several noise complaints.”

Joshua Woods, Alto Sax: “Kappa Kappa Snapstreak and Honda Battle of the Bands were my two favorite things this semester. Kappa Kappa Snapstreak was really cool because it started as a harebrained way of getting people in our chapter to actually talk to one another, but it eventually evolved into something that allowed our chapter to develop a friendship with Alpha Zeta (IU). Honda Battle of the Bands was awesome, but the mass band, the Honey Bees, and the drive itself were probably my favorite parts.”

Kyle Manion, Alto Sax: “Honda. Hands down my favorite Psi memory. Being able to satisfy my obsession with HBCUs, take a harebrained scheme and turn it into a real event, and getting help from an alum really made the whole trip exactly what Psi is all about: building a bond with your brothers through music, and continuing that bond beyond graduation.”

Anna Sagstetter, Trumpet: “Big/little bonding! Lucky to part of the best fam in the whole wide world!”

Brenden Schultz, Alto Sax: “Hanging with AZ this semester and helping build the bond between Purdue and IU (Also Kappa Kappa Snapstreak).”

Natalie Lamport, Oboe: “Recruitment and welcoming new brothers!!”


Brother of the Week Paddle

Christopher Ioerger gave the Brother of the Week Paddle to the newest class, Sound the Psiren! They will keep it over the summer and pass it on during the Fall semester! See you all then!


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