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End of Semester Wrap Up: December 2016

While I was perusing old alumni arrows, I found many were formal lists of things chapter has done. However, with this new website, a record is kept of what the Gamma Pi chapter has accomplished every month. In an effort to create something new and allow the alumni to get a better picture of who makes up our brotherhood today, in this arrow, I will include profiles of brothers who will tell you what their favorite thing was that we did this semester!

Stuart McCrorie: Circus Show Props

"I think my favorite thing we did this semester was painting the circus show boxes. It was really fun to do, and a really relaxing break to just hang out with brothers, chill, and help make something that would be involved with the show that week. It was also different than done of the things we normally do, which made it a nice change of pace."



Katie Boyer: Band Cheer Board

"This semester I started working on the band cheer board. I came up with the idea to chop up the board so each word and phrase is it's own piece, and to auction off each piece to alumni. I came up with this idea last year and after planning with a committee we decided that the next alumni band would be the best time to auction it off. The auction came from Gamma Pi's most successful fundraiser, when they auctioned off pieces of brick from the old bell tower. With the board I got to work with the artisan and fabrication lab and the students there in order to cut up the board. It was a great learning experience because I learned how to use various saws and how to properly measure the pieces. The project is still going underway, and I'm looking forward to the progress that will come from it."


Kristin Darling: Circus Show Props

"I think my favorite thing I did was organize circus show props. It was very challenging to put them together in such a short amount of time, but it was a very rewarding project to see it used in performance and it was a lot of fun to execute with my brothers"




Natalie Lamport: Indoor Games

"I loved Indoor Games because I got to meet tons of students in the band department whom I had never interacted with before! We had so much fun being silly and spending quality time together."




Brendan Schultz: Reading Band & Bob Ross Night

"I loved attempting to play percussion for reading Band and doing the Bob Ross night!! I had a great time at this year's reading band! I had to come late from a meeting, when I go there I started assembling my instrument and realized there was other Saxophones attempting to play percussion. So I thought wow that would be fun! So I went to the back and played the bass drum and the snare drum!

For the Bob Ross night we had a huge turnout and an amazing time painting with Bob Ross! There was some awesome paintings and fun commentary from people trying to keep up with the Video's painting! Great time and my video turned out great!"

Here is a picture of Bob Ross night led by Joshua Woods our Community Chair!
Adam Mills: State Day

"My favorite memory of KKY this semester was State day. Meeting and getting to know other brothers across the state of Indiana was a lot of fun. It helped me connect with some brothers I had briefly met at convention back in the spring. It was really cool that for an entire day all of the school rivalries were ignored in order to have fun. To this day the fact that I have a way that bonds me to my fellow bandsmen across the country. State day helped me make friends that will last a lifetime. "


Brandon Barker, Grand Poobah: Evolution of Kappa Kappa Psi Over 5 Years

Hello there! My name is Brandon Barker, and I am a 5th year (graduating next week!) in Industrial Management. I currently play Trombone/Bass Trombone in the Jazz Bands, and have played Baritone in the All-American Marching Band and Concert Bands in the past. I joined Kappa Kappa Psi in spring 2013 and have served as Services Head, Treasurer, and most recently Grand Poobah over the course of my time here. I have had the incredible opportunity to see the organization evolve a lot over the course of my time here, and am so happy to see the path that this chapter is on. While many of these changes have had growing pains, we are now a chapter that does more service, encourages more leadership, and has a much better relationship with our sisters in Tau Beta Sigma than when I joined nearly four years ago.

I’d like to share with you all a piece of advice that I shared with chapter as Grand Poobah, and is honestly one of the most important things I’ve ever used to increase the quality of my own life. This comes courtesy of Kurt Vonnegut, the second best thing to come out of Indiana behind Purdue itself. Vonnegut said this: “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.’” This ability to appreciate the little, personal things allows you to focus on enjoying life everyday rather than defining it by big, public moments. Whether this being enjoying a good music rehearsal even though it isn’t a performance, enjoying a small service project even if no one will notice the difference, or just smiling at the sunset as I walk home from a chapter meeting, I have had hundreds of moments in my time as a musician, brother, and student at Purdue that have meant a lot to me, even if no one else saw them. I am proud of my personal successes big and small, and I hope you can be proud of yours too. Whether it be looking back on the your time at Purdue or moving forward to whatever the world may bring, take the time to notice and acknowledge your own happiness and use that happiness to continue to strive for the highest.

If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.


Brandon Barker


Christmas Caroling

Pictured left to right are Kristin Darling, Hugh Campbell, Robbie Beck, and Abby Peterson. Photo Creds to Mark Knapp!
Tis the season to play Christmas music, am I right? One brother, Mark Knapp thought so too! He organized an ensemble of brothers to play Christmas tunes one Saturday morning to spread festive holiday joy throughout campus. Mark says, “So we played a ton of classic Christmas carols like Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, Silent Night, etc.  We started at the Union, in the main lobby by the campus map then moved to Greyhouse coffee.  The Union was pretty empty but the few people who did hear us loved it!  An adorable little girl cheered for us after every song, which definitely made it worth it.  Greyhouse was pretty busy so we had to play outside, but that wasn't a huge problem.  We got a warm reception from people in Chauncey.  Multiple people cheered from their cars and several people walking into the coffee house stopped to listen before walking in.  We did it just to bring some holiday cheer to campus.  We're all pretty stressed this time of year so I just wanted to give people a little break from studying with some fun tunes!”

Secret Santa

At final chapter this semester, each brother was paired up secretly with another in a game of Secret Santa. Joshua Woods, our Community Chair organized this fun, festive activity where he made a survey for everyone asking about their favorite snacks, random facts about them, and things they like. He then paired everyone up, sent their results to their secret Santa, and wonderful gift giving ensued!

Pictured are Olivia Glowacki and her Secret Santa, Garret Bruns. Olivia says, "Josh's Secret Santa idea played out wonderfully! He announced during final chapter for everyone to exchange and there was just a rush of excitement in the room! Garrett Bruns got me the most thoughtful gift ever: a music book of college fight songs (including Purdue) for the ukulele!"


Brother of the Week:

Joshua Woods was given brother of the week from Garrett Bruns who mentioned he was surprised Josh had not gotten it before for all of his hard work! Serving as our Community Chair, Josh successfully organized and planned events for not only Kappa Kappa Psi members, but the entire Bands and Orchestra students at Purdue. One of his most popular events was a Bob Ross painting night, open to the entire department, where students could come and paint along with videos of Bob Ross. He also single handedly organized a Secret Santa and a project to ensure everyone had a home to go to during Thanksgiving. 

A fun fact about Josh is he spent the last two summers interning in public transit and would love to have a career in the field. Anyone who knows Josh knows he loves busses!

Since Laura forgot the Brother of the Week Paddle, Josh is pictured with a hand made sign from Garrett Bruns replicating the Brother of the Week Paddle.


From the Alumni Secretary:

The Gamma Pi chapter kept busy and had a fun semester full of service, musicianship, leadership, and brotherhood. From making props for Homecoming, to hosting State Day, the current brothers have had a successful semester. I hope you all have had enjoyment keeping up on our progress and we welcome any comments or questions on the darts! We love hearing back from you. From the brothers of Gamma Pi, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

Olivia Glowacki

Alumni Secretary


Arrow: December 2016

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