Summer Recap:

Vice President of Membership, Emily Pawluk (left), swearing in President Joshua Woods (center), and Vice President Andee Reynolds (right)

Greetings Alumni! My name is Olivia Glowacki, and I will be your point of contact for the current Gamma Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at Purdue University! I’m excited for another semester to serve as your alumni secretary. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas.

andeeOnce again, we have all convened from our long, luxurious vacations and are ready to hit the ground running with service for the band! This summer, many of our Gamma Pi brothers stayed active by constructing a new band cheer board and meeting other brothers in Orlando for KKPsi and TBS National Convention! Read on to see what our brothers have been up to over the summer and since we’ve been back on campus! Below are pictures from our first meeting, August 20th. Emily Pawluk, Vice President of Membership had an activity for us to brainstorm ideas for the year!





Several of our brothers took off to Orlando, Florida for National Convention. During the week long event, which has workshops related to the fraternity, Gamma Pi brothers got to meet other brothers from different chapters. Jacob Boesch, our secretary and district Vice President of Programs had this to say about Natcon, “National Convention was an absolutely incredible experience. I was honored to be able to represent our chapter at that level and be a member of National Chapter.” Gamma Pi even roomed with some Alpha Zeta (IU) brothers and went to Disney for tons of fun in the summer! I could write tons more about the fun all of our brothers had, but I’ll just show some pictures from brother, Russell House, who seems to capture very well what the week looked like.

Dinner for a Buck

As always, our first service project every year is (usually) “Lunch for a Buck,” during band camp week where participants can buy a hot dog, chips, and a water for a dollar. This year, the weather got the best of us, so Lunch for a Buck was moved to Dinner for a Buck! We had a great turnout and this year we actually turned a profit of $20! Never before seen! Great job to everyone who helped to make it happen!

Band Cheer Board Progress:kkpsi2.jpg

Thanks to a handful of our brothers on campus over the summer, the new band cheer board shell is up and we plan to have the words and phrases up in time for alumni to see it for homecoming. A very special shout out is in need for those brothers who came in during their summers to work on crafting a new band cheer board. Our brothers never cease to strive for the highest- even on summer vacation! Special thanks are due to Joshua Woods, Russell House, Abby Peterson, Jacob Boesch, and a few others who helped!

Band Cheer Board Auction:

I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the reveal of the band cheer board auction! More details with be forthcoming but we are going to have a silent auction at the Friday night reception for the alumni in Armstrong Hall. As the date approaches, alumni will receive more information from me, and the Purdue Bands and Orchestra Department as well.

Pot Peaks:

Suggested from alumni brother Carolyn Tripp, Pot Peaks is a portion of the monthly darts where you will see pictures of current brothers and their pots! You will see many silly and random items on the pots, but each item has a special meaning and represents a memory to each brother. For this edition of Pot Peaks, we feature our President, Joshua Woods and his pot. Josh’s favorite item on his pot is his ticket from his first amateur drag show at Purdue. He has gone every year since and the ticket from his freshman year adorns his pot and gives it some fabulous flair!

Brother of the Week Paddle:’


leighFollowing in suit with tradition, the newest membership class was given the Brother of the Week Paddle for their hard work with their service project, and dedication to the fraternity and its ideals. Over the summer, Sound the Psiren passed the paddle around to each individual brother in the class. The paddle made its way around the United States including journeying to New York, Minnesota, Chicago, and many other places! On the first chapter meeting, the brothers of Sound the Psiren passed the paddle on to Laura Long for her work with the new Gamma Pi website, She worked diligently over the summer to add pages to our website and update our calendar. Laura is a psychology and statistics student and a clarinet student leader in the marching band!

August 2017 Dart

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