Greetings Gamma Pi Alumni!


It’s the end of the year and the Fall 2017 semester for the Gamma Pi chapter. We’ve accomplished much since August and I’m proud to have been able to report our accomplishments and successes as an active brother and the chapter’s Alumni Secretary. I’ve held the position for three semesters now and loved seeing the growth of our presence with alumni and our continued growth in sending out darts. While I spent a lot of time implementing these changes, I’m so excited to pass the torch to Natalie Miller, Gamma Pi’s Alumni Secretary for Spring 2018. Natalie is a sophomore majoring in nursing. She plays the trumpet in the All-American Marching Band and will do the chapter a great service by taking over my position. Congratulations Natalie! Natalie worked with me collaboratively on the dart for November 2017 and without further adieu, I present Natalie’s recent work in preparing the 2017 Arrow! Enjoy!


With final exams in the record books and the holidays beginning, the brothers of Gamma Pi look towards a new semester with new brothers! As the semester is coming to a close I asked brothers from chapter to share some of their highlights from the semester!


Russell House


“My favorite thing from this semester was meeting up with brothers from other universities at our football games. One of my favorite things to do as a brother is interact with other brothers and these opportunities were some of the best. It feels nice to share gameday traditions with other band people as well as learn about theirs. Plus singing the hymn together always gives me shivers.”


Leigh Witek



We’ve had a huge influx of students from indoor ensembles at our social events. It has been super fun meeting so many new people!”



Joshua Woods


“My favorite part of this semester has been watching brothers who usually chill in the background start to move into more formal and informal leadership roles”



Anna Sagstetter


“We did a lot of really cool projects this semester. I was happy to be a part of putting together the new band cheer board. Now, every time I in room 30 and see the band cheer board I feel proud of the hard work my brothers and I did to put it up!”



Emily Paulk


“I felt this semester was a great blend of everything we care about in chapter. We appreciated music through reading and service through many projects such as refurbishing stands, repaying an organization (band) that gives us so much. I loved watching my brothers grow, especially my little who led the stand project. I cannot wait for next semester, especially with the excitement of bringing in a new class with the new education, the road to wisdom!”




Andee Reynolds


“I really enjoyed co-heading the stand refurbishment project with another brother, since it allowed us to make our equipment look and work better, while being able to help a brother lead a service project for the first time.”



Twas the Week before Finals

With finals looming overhead the brothers of Gamma Pi hosted a de-stress night! This event had many items that helped deal with the stress of finals: bubble wrap, coloring pages, calming bottles, Christmas music, snacks, and friends! It was a very relaxing time during a very stressful dead week!

From the Band Cheer Board to meeting brothers from other chapters and everything in between, this semester has been one for the history books! From the brothers of Gamma Pi to you, happy holidays and have a happy new year!

December 2017 Arrow

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