Welcome to the second dart of the semester. I think you’ll notice that for such a short month, the Gamma Pi chapter has accomplished A LOT thus far! These darts often supply you, the alumni, with tons of information about our current chapter, this time, we’d like to turn the tables and ask you a few questions! Please see the link and passage below!

Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Survey

Alumni, the brothers of Gamma Pi and I are asking YOU for your Gamma Pi history in a short survey you can reach here:


This survey will only be used by the current brothers of the Gamma Pi chapter and questions can be skipped if you wish. Questions include class name, family name, the year you were initiated, and favorite project or trip. We would greatly appreciate it if you take some time out of your day to fill it out! We only ask that you fill it out by March 31!


Tap Out with Tau Beta Sigma

Kaley Bean as we sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

The first Sunday of the month, brothers and sisters and their prospective members gathered in Stewart to present TBΣ candidates their big brothers and KKΨ candidates their big sisters. Unfortunately, the fire alarm went off so we all gathered in the clapping circles to present the Gamma Pi Sweetheart and Beta Beau. Kaley Bean of TBΣ was awarded this year’s Gamma Pi Sweetheart for her contribution through the years as a great sister and treasurer, asset to both organizations, and a wonderful section leader for the Big Ten Flags. Our very own, Nick Iavagnilio was awarded the Beta Beau for his dedicated service as a library team member, treasurer and past co-growth chair of KKΨ, and his service as a trumpet student leader.

Bob Ross Night

Joshua Woods, our community chair has done it again! Following the success of his first Bob Ross night where any Purdue Bands and Orchestras members can come out and paint through the video instruction of Bob Ross, Josh held a second one, in a much larger venue and had over 70 band members in attendance.

Nick Iavagnilio!

Big & Little Pairs

Just before second degree, big and little pairs were announced! Each member of the new class got paired with a brother to be their mentor, friend, and “keeper.” Here’s a picture of all the pairs!

Second Degree & Joint Ceremony

On Wednesday February 22nd, the newest class went through the second ritual in our membership education process! That Saturday, the class attended Joint Ceremony with brothers of Gamma Pi Brothers and Beta Sigma Sisters!

NCD Con & Looking Forward

I am honored to announce that our chapter has been selected by the National Council of Kappa Kappa Psi as finalists for the William Scroggs Founder’s Trophy!  Our chapter submitted an application and materials after completing all required paperwork on time and maintaining active status throughout the biennium.We are one of thirteen chapters in the nation to be considered for this honor. Jacob Boesch, our NCD delegate and Vice President states, “Next step for Founder’s Cup is a one-on-one session with National’s representatives that chapter will take part in. For Gov Gup we have an application questionnaire and a one-on-one coming up a West Block Saturday. If we are selected as a finalist there is a video presentation we will need to create as well as participate in additional activities during convention.”

Also, our chapter is applying for Governor’s cup (mentioned above), which is a specific district award for NCD chapters. Many of our active brothers have been perfecting and compiling the application including the president, Chris Ioerger, active senior brother Katie Boyer, and Jacob Boesch, our NCD delegate. We will submit the application and a video which highlights our chapter very soon!

OSPA, Outstanding Service Project Award is a joint award for an outstanding service project in the NCD. We are submitting the joint application with our chapter of TBS to apply for OSPA. We are submitting the Day of Service service project which was our work of clearing the hangar and moving a ton of instruments to a new site. Please see the January Dart if you would like more information!

Kappa Kappa & Tau Beta Snap Streak

Once again our community chair, Joshua Woods, came up with a new idea to promote community and bonding within our chapter (and extending to sister sorority TBΣ). For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Snapchat is a mobile app where you can send pictures with captions to your friends instantly. A feature on Snapchat allows you to see how many days you have a “snap streak,” which is a streak of sending “snaps” (or photos) everyday to a friend. Josh gauged interest and paired up people in competition for the longest snap streak! The FIRST winner of Kappa Kappa Snap Streak is the pair of Natalie Lamport and Jacob “Moose” Williams! Congrats to them and thanks to Josh for the great idea!

Brother of the Week Paddle

Emily Pawluk, a sophomore tenor saxophonist in nursing, was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle by yours truly for her spectacular dedication and passion for this chapter. Emily has always been a positive force in this chapter and does a lot of behind the scenes work that often goes unrecognized. As one of our co-growth chairs, this semester Emily took it upon herself to actually create a real, physical scrapbook of every active brother of Gamma Pi accompanied with photos and bios of each member. Emily is a wonderful asset to this chapter and a fun fact about her is she is very crafty- in addition to the scrapbook she likes to make loop rugs, pillows, bracelets, and paint furniture!

Adam Mills was awarded the Brother of the Week paddle from Emily for being a wonderful brother, especially behind the scenes! Adam is currently working on a complete family tree dating back to the origins of the Gamma Pi chapter. Adam is not doing this for a school project or for recognition in the chapter. He is merely doing it out of the goodness of his heart combined with the passion he has for Kappa Kappa Psi. Adam is a sophomore trombonist in the AAMB and a fun fact about him is his great grandfather created the mold for the original Barbie Doll.


February 2017 Dart

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