Greetings Gamma Pi Alumni! As the semester begins we again look forward as a chapter to welcome a new class into our fraternity. Many things have happened during this break and first month and I would like to highlight these events!


Highlights from Break!

After coming back from both an exciting and relaxing break here are some pictures of what brothers did over break!

Attached is a video that was created to feature the band’s bowl experience! It was created by the technology team within our department and I thought I would include it in this month’s Dart in case you hadn’t seen it yet!


“Here is a picture of the people in the light sabers at the bowl game!!” – Emily Dawley


Emily Pawluk went to the Cleveland Browns game! She also went to the bowl game as well!


This picture was taken when a group of band members were walking through San Francisco and came across a park at the top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the city.


Honda Battle of the Bands



This year, 5 brothers went to Honda Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, Georgia to watch the HBCU (historic black college) bands make amazing music. After the performances, the brothers that were from other chapters met outside the stadium to sing the fraternity hymn. This is the 2nd annual Battle of the Bands event in our fraternity and we are very excited to start this budding tradition.


New Membership Class

As I mentioned we are welcoming a new class this semester! Introducing the newest class to our fraternity! This Membership Candidate class has just gone through their first degree, and chapter looks forward to continuing the membership process with these fantastic people! 



Brother of the Week Paddle

This month we had two outstanding brothers receive the brother of the week paddle.

The first week of chapter the brother of the week paddle was given to Adam Mills! Anna gave him the brother of the week paddle for his work in his position as our Initiative Chair and his work on the ongoing percussion risers project! Congrats Adam!



This past week Adam gave the Brother of the week paddle to Emily Pawluk! She was given the paddle because she is doing a wonderful job as Vice President for Membership and is leading our new membership class through a new curriculum called “The Road to Wisdom”. Congrats Emily!


If you notice, there are two brother of the week paddles in this photo! This is because we ran out of room on the back of the other paddle to write names! What a fantastic problem to have, congratulations to all the brothers featured on the old paddle – and we move into a new paddle featuring fantastic brothers!


As we continue through the semester I cannot wait to watch the Membership Candidate process from a whole new perspective than I have ever seen it before! I’m sure I speak for all the brothers when we say we are excited to see where this new class will take the chapter!

Thank you for reading!

AEA, Natalie Miller

January Dart 2018

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  • Great material, great video from the bowl game. Nice use of the technology, congrats. Thanks.

    David Rosenstock
    KKPSi spring 1982 pledge class (bondage)
    1984 gamma Pi chapter president

  • Thanks for the Dec Arrow. Great to keep up and see what all the new members are doing.
    Robert Fulwider, Agron 1957 Sousaphone, charter member of KKP.

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