Greetings, Gamma Pi Alumni!
Thank you to those who took time to fill out my alumni survey. I appreciate all 8 of you who did it and really appreciate your feedback. The active brothers and I had a great time reading your responses and taking in your suggestions. We so appreciate your feedback and will be implementing some of them!


On Sunday March 26, the membership candidate class disrupted chapter for their class Walk-About! Starting at Elliott, the class brought actives all over campus and led them to Slayter where they performed their class song, read us their class acronym, and had dinner for everyone. While actives and the members of Sound the Psiren ate pizza, oreos, and taco dip, new members got their board signed by actives and everyone learned more about one another.

From all the active brothers, we congratulate you on your endeavors through your membership semester and applaud you! We cannot wait to induct such a fine class of brothers!

To the left is a photo taken by Growth Chair, Emily Pawluk, of the candidates outside of Hovde working on answering questions from a recent lesson! They’ve come so far!

Third Degree

The class, Sound the Psiren will be officially inducted in our chapter on Sunday April 2nd at 10:00 am in Matthews 210! We encourage any and all alumni to come and celebrate with us!
The photo taken to the right is of the new class singing their class song! They had not yet unleashed their stellar shirts!


Pot Peaks

This is a new section of the dart called Pot Peaks, where I will feature one brother, their pot, and their favorite item on it. This gives you, the alumni, more insight into who our brotherhood is and our interests and values. Moreover, Pot Peaks, is a creation of an alum, Jojo Smith who inquired if our chapter still uses pots and asked to see more in the darts. The answer is YES and we’re more than happy to show you!

The FIRST edition of Pot Peaks is from a new big/little pair, Anna Sagstetter and Natalie Miller!

I had to include two because this pair is just too sweet! Natalie is pictured to the left in both pictures and Anna is to the right! Both of them said their favorite item on their pot was a piece of confetti from when the Purdue Men’s Basketball Team won the 2017 Big 10 Tournament. Both are in the Boiler Brass and loved cheering on the men in their big win. Although this isn’t their favorite, it was amusing to me how Natalie had a salt packet on her pot. She explained she got salt packets for all of her Psi Family to put on their pots because they’re “salty.” (If you’re unfamiliar with this term, refer to this link


Brother of the Week Paddle

Adam Mills passed the Brother of the Week Paddle to Andee Reynolds a sophomore trumpet player in the AAMB for her ability to step up to the plate in a time of need for chapter. She filled the role of the integrity chair and consistently helps with setting up for rituals and events. She’s been a great help to chapter and her dedication is impeccable! A fun fact about Andee is she marched Blue Stars for DCI last summer! She’s been an inspiration to many more trumpeteers who audition for drum corps!

Andee Reynolds passed the Brother of the Week Paddle on to the president Christopher Ioerger for his continued excellence and dedication to the Gamma Pi chapter. He has been diligent on working on awards packets in preparation for convention. Christopher Ioerger is a senior in chemical engineering and plays alto saxophone in the marching band and the university band! A fun fact about him is he is from Kansas. He says, “There’s no place like home!”

March 2017 Dart

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