Spring 2017 President’s Letter

Greetings Brothers!

I hope everyone has survived the massive thunderstorms that have been hitting the Midwest over the past couple days. We should be getting some spectacular May flowers after this week. 😊  Over the Spring Showcase weekend on April 22nd, the Executive Committee had a chance to meet in person and discuss some exciting plans coming up this year!

On April 26th Purdue Bands and Orchestras, with the help of students, staff, family, friends, and alumni, raised over $300,000 for the department! We rocked out all of the high-volume challenges we set out to win, including most donations from new alumni in the last ten years and most donations from alumni (twice!). We set the record for the most participation at 1,843 donations and winning those bonus challenges earned the Bands and Orchestras an additional $40,020. Amazing work to all those involved!

If you’ve been getting the Alumni Darts and Arrow, you will know that Gamma Pi has been making waves on campus, on the District level, and now they’re poised to make a splash on the National scene. They worked their tails off helping move everything stored at the hangars to new storage facilities and inventoried as they went. This set them up to win the Outstanding Service Project Award at the North Central District Convention this year and had them in the running for Governor’s Cup, as well. While they didn’t win Gov Cup, they were asked to move on to present at National Convention to be considered for Founder’s Trophy, a HUGE honor! We could not be more proud of the work Gamma Pi is doing on and off the stage. (more…)

April Arrow 2017

Greetings Alumni!

The school year is coming to a close and while things should be winding down for Gamma Pi brothers, we are driven and focused on the Fall already! We just elected a new executive board and will soon announce our chair positions. The new executive board is as follows:

President: Joshua Woods

Vice President: Andee Reynolds

Vice President of Membership: Emily Pawluk

Treasurer: Nick Iavagnilio

Secretary: Jacob Boesch

Historian: Stuart McCrorie

Alumni Secretary: Olivia Glowacki

We congratulate these brothers and every brother who ran for positions!


Third Degree

The new class, Sound the Psiren was formally initiated into the Gamma Pi chapter on Sunday April 2, 2017. Big brothers presented their littles with family letters and other traditional gifts to congratulate them for their devotion to this chapter, this school, and the band and orchestras program. Brothers from the Alpha Zeta chapter of Indiana University even joined us along with several alumni members! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us and congrats to the new brothers!

North Central District Convention

2017 North Central District Convention (NCDCon) was held in Columbus, Ohio. Hosting convention were the Chi and Eta Chapters from Ohio State University, the Iota Epsilon Chapter at Capital University, and the Gamma Omicron Chapter of Otterbein University. Brothers from Gamma Pi and Sisters from Beta Sigma joined together to go to workshops, attend third degree and award ceremonies, and even play in the North Central District Intercollegiate Band.

Purdue Chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma went to NCDCon and arrived back home with awards in tote and pride in what we’ve done the whole year! Sisters in TBS won district awards and Kaley Bean was even recognized for her outstanding work in chapter. As for Gamma Pi, we were awarded OSPA, or the Outstanding Service Project Award for our Day of Service and hanger move!


Sound the Psiren’s Class Service Project

Per the request of Professor Gephart, the newest class decided to repaint the band lounge and clean it up. This project is phenomenal and the results of it will be shared with every member of the department which passes through the doors of the band lounge. The class went in the band lounge for hours at a time to clean, paint, and polish the room. They paid attention to such detail and the band lounge looks wonderful. Great work to the new class for striving high and making a positive impact!


Activation Banquet

Before the Spring Band Banquet, sisters and brothers got together to introduce each chapter to the incoming classes of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. TBS announced their newest class, “Meow Mix,” and Gamma Pi’s new class, “Sound the Psiren” introduced themselves as well. Tau Beta Sigma gave out their Beta Bo(quet) of flowers to Christopher Ioerger, for his passion, dedication, leadership, and service to bands and orchestras department at Purdue, and moreover his commitment to Gamma Pi specifically. We are so proud of Chris and see greatness in his future as he will graduate this May with a degree in Chemical Engineering!

Gamma Pi gave our award, “Gamma Pi Sweetheart” to Joe Bean, a sophomore of Tau Beta Sigma who worked diligently on videos and publication for Purdue Bands as a whole and the Beta Sigma chapter of TBS as well. He’s a dedicated, hard worker and we look forward to seeing what his next two years at Purdue will entail!


Christopher Ioerger Awarded Life Member Status of Kappa Kappa Psi

At the Spring Band Banquet, Christopher Ioerger, the president of Gamma Pi was awarded Lifetime Member status from district governor and former brother of Gamma Pi, Jason Mlady. We could not be more proud of Chris, who is very deserving of this award. Working with him personally on the executive board, I have much respect for Chris and his ability to lead, delegate, and impact positive change. I think the rest of the chapter would agree with me in saying congratulations to Christopher Ioerger! We cannot wait to see the great things you do!

CONGRATS to MANY of our brothers including Jessica Sullivan, Kristin Darling, Lauren Bailey, Emily Davelis, Christopher Ioerger and MANY MORE!!!


Final Chapter and Purdue Day of Giving 

First of all, a HUGE THANK YOU, to EVERYONE who donated on Purdue Day of Giving! We cannot lament enough how happy and thankful we are to all donors, no matter how big or small the donation. The donations are primarily what help us to stay in band through scholarships, play school owned instruments, look spiffy in uniforms, and play tons of new sheet music. THANK YOU!

While we are thankful for YOU, the ALUMNI DONORS, we are also thankful for everything the students and active brothers did too! Like posting on social media, running around campus screaming our fight songs, and even donating themselves. To incentivize current brothers to participate, the president, Christopher Ioerger, promised that the most active brother on Purdue Day of Giving (like doing all the challenges) gets to pie him in the face on final chapter. Lo and behold, Emily Pawluck, the most active brother on PDOG was given this lovely opportunity. Here are some pictures- or a play in 3 acts of Emily pie-ing Chris. 









ALSO at final chapter, we found out the winners of the Brotherhood Challenge: Anna Sagstetter and Natalie Miller! Congrats to the pair who earned the most points by eating together weekly, going to major landmarks on campus, and seeing a ton of concerts! Great work (P.S. their family has won it THREE YEARS in a row!)



Finally, a special shoutout to Nicole Misselle and Justin Shaefer for performing a live music share at final chapter on the baritone. The selection they played was arranged by Justin and was a medley of some awesome, entertaining pop songs!




Kappa Kappa Snap Streak

Our second winners of the Kappa Kappa Snap Streak Paddle goes to Brendan Schultz and Justin Schaefer! Congrats to them and their long distance snap streak, as Brother Schultz is on co-op in Bloomington!

Also a special shoutout to Joshua Woods who is expanding Kappa Kappa Snap Streak across the district to our brothers at IU! Josh even mentioned that while he was at convention, he got to see in full form, a friendship established between the brothers at Gamma Pi and Alpha Zeta because of Snapchat and the fun, competition of Kappa Kappa Snap Streak! We only hope to strengthen this bond and extend it beyond IU!


From the Brothers Themselves!
The last dart I sent, I had brothers tell me their favorite thing they did all semester with Kappa Kappa Psi to recap the semester!

Erica Wolf, Piccolo: “Painting Slayter was really fun- I enjoyed getting rid of the pukey salmon color.”

Christopher Ioerger, Alto Sax: “Managing to somehow caucus in a hotel room without getting several noise complaints.”

Joshua Woods, Alto Sax: “Kappa Kappa Snapstreak and Honda Battle of the Bands were my two favorite things this semester. Kappa Kappa Snapstreak was really cool because it started as a harebrained way of getting people in our chapter to actually talk to one another, but it eventually evolved into something that allowed our chapter to develop a friendship with Alpha Zeta (IU). Honda Battle of the Bands was awesome, but the mass band, the Honey Bees, and the drive itself were probably my favorite parts.”

Kyle Manion, Alto Sax: “Honda. Hands down my favorite Psi memory. Being able to satisfy my obsession with HBCUs, take a harebrained scheme and turn it into a real event, and getting help from an alum really made the whole trip exactly what Psi is all about: building a bond with your brothers through music, and continuing that bond beyond graduation.”

Anna Sagstetter, Trumpet: “Big/little bonding! Lucky to part of the best fam in the whole wide world!”

Brenden Schultz, Alto Sax: “Hanging with AZ this semester and helping build the bond between Purdue and IU (Also Kappa Kappa Snapstreak).”

Natalie Lamport, Oboe: “Recruitment and welcoming new brothers!!”


Brother of the Week Paddle

Christopher Ioerger gave the Brother of the Week Paddle to the newest class, Sound the Psiren! They will keep it over the summer and pass it on during the Fall semester! See you all then!


Gamma Pi Chapter National Convention Travel Fund

$1,340 of $3 raised
Select Payment Method
Personal Info

Donation Total: $10

March 2017 Dart

Greetings, Gamma Pi Alumni!
Thank you to those who took time to fill out my alumni survey. I appreciate all 8 of you who did it and really appreciate your feedback. The active brothers and I had a great time reading your responses and taking in your suggestions. We so appreciate your feedback and will be implementing some of them!


On Sunday March 26, the membership candidate class disrupted chapter for their class Walk-About! Starting at Elliott, the class brought actives all over campus and led them to Slayter where they performed their class song, read us their class acronym, and had dinner for everyone. While actives and the members of Sound the Psiren ate pizza, oreos, and taco dip, new members got their board signed by actives and everyone learned more about one another.

From all the active brothers, we congratulate you on your endeavors through your membership semester and applaud you! We cannot wait to induct such a fine class of brothers!

To the left is a photo taken by Growth Chair, Emily Pawluk, of the candidates outside of Hovde working on answering questions from a recent lesson! They’ve come so far!

Third Degree

The class, Sound the Psiren will be officially inducted in our chapter on Sunday April 2nd at 10:00 am in Matthews 210! We encourage any and all alumni to come and celebrate with us!
The photo taken to the right is of the new class singing their class song! They had not yet unleashed their stellar shirts!


Pot Peaks

This is a new section of the dart called Pot Peaks, where I will feature one brother, their pot, and their favorite item on it. This gives you, the alumni, more insight into who our brotherhood is and our interests and values. Moreover, Pot Peaks, is a creation of an alum, Jojo Smith who inquired if our chapter still uses pots and asked to see more in the darts. The answer is YES and we’re more than happy to show you!

The FIRST edition of Pot Peaks is from a new big/little pair, Anna Sagstetter and Natalie Miller!

I had to include two because this pair is just too sweet! Natalie is pictured to the left in both pictures and Anna is to the right! Both of them said their favorite item on their pot was a piece of confetti from when the Purdue Men’s Basketball Team won the 2017 Big 10 Tournament. Both are in the Boiler Brass and loved cheering on the men in their big win. Although this isn’t their favorite, it was amusing to me how Natalie had a salt packet on her pot. She explained she got salt packets for all of her Psi Family to put on their pots because they’re “salty.” (If you’re unfamiliar with this term, refer to this link http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=salty).


Brother of the Week Paddle

Adam Mills passed the Brother of the Week Paddle to Andee Reynolds a sophomore trumpet player in the AAMB for her ability to step up to the plate in a time of need for chapter. She filled the role of the integrity chair and consistently helps with setting up for rituals and events. She’s been a great help to chapter and her dedication is impeccable! A fun fact about Andee is she marched Blue Stars for DCI last summer! She’s been an inspiration to many more trumpeteers who audition for drum corps!

Andee Reynolds passed the Brother of the Week Paddle on to the president Christopher Ioerger for his continued excellence and dedication to the Gamma Pi chapter. He has been diligent on working on awards packets in preparation for convention. Christopher Ioerger is a senior in chemical engineering and plays alto saxophone in the marching band and the university band! A fun fact about him is he is from Kansas. He says, “There’s no place like home!”

February 2017 Dart

Welcome to the second dart of the semester. I think you’ll notice that for such a short month, the Gamma Pi chapter has accomplished A LOT thus far! These darts often supply you, the alumni, with tons of information about our current chapter, this time, we’d like to turn the tables and ask you a few questions! Please see the link and passage below!

Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Survey

Alumni, the brothers of Gamma Pi and I are asking YOU for your Gamma Pi history in a short survey you can reach here:


This survey will only be used by the current brothers of the Gamma Pi chapter and questions can be skipped if you wish. Questions include class name, family name, the year you were initiated, and favorite project or trip. We would greatly appreciate it if you take some time out of your day to fill it out! We only ask that you fill it out by March 31!


Tap Out with Tau Beta Sigma

Kaley Bean as we sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

The first Sunday of the month, brothers and sisters and their prospective members gathered in Stewart to present TBΣ candidates their big brothers and KKΨ candidates their big sisters. Unfortunately, the fire alarm went off so we all gathered in the clapping circles to present the Gamma Pi Sweetheart and Beta Beau. Kaley Bean of TBΣ was awarded this year’s Gamma Pi Sweetheart for her contribution through the years as a great sister and treasurer, asset to both organizations, and a wonderful section leader for the Big Ten Flags. Our very own, Nick Iavagnilio was awarded the Beta Beau for his dedicated service as a library team member, treasurer and past co-growth chair of KKΨ, and his service as a trumpet student leader.

Bob Ross Night

Joshua Woods, our community chair has done it again! Following the success of his first Bob Ross night where any Purdue Bands and Orchestras members can come out and paint through the video instruction of Bob Ross, Josh held a second one, in a much larger venue and had over 70 band members in attendance.

Nick Iavagnilio!

Big & Little Pairs

Just before second degree, big and little pairs were announced! Each member of the new class got paired with a brother to be their mentor, friend, and “keeper.” Here’s a picture of all the pairs!

Second Degree & Joint Ceremony

On Wednesday February 22nd, the newest class went through the second ritual in our membership education process! That Saturday, the class attended Joint Ceremony with brothers of Gamma Pi Brothers and Beta Sigma Sisters!

NCD Con & Looking Forward

I am honored to announce that our chapter has been selected by the National Council of Kappa Kappa Psi as finalists for the William Scroggs Founder’s Trophy!  Our chapter submitted an application and materials after completing all required paperwork on time and maintaining active status throughout the biennium.We are one of thirteen chapters in the nation to be considered for this honor. Jacob Boesch, our NCD delegate and Vice President states, “Next step for Founder’s Cup is a one-on-one session with National’s representatives that chapter will take part in. For Gov Gup we have an application questionnaire and a one-on-one coming up a West Block Saturday. If we are selected as a finalist there is a video presentation we will need to create as well as participate in additional activities during convention.”

Also, our chapter is applying for Governor’s cup (mentioned above), which is a specific district award for NCD chapters. Many of our active brothers have been perfecting and compiling the application including the president, Chris Ioerger, active senior brother Katie Boyer, and Jacob Boesch, our NCD delegate. We will submit the application and a video which highlights our chapter very soon!

OSPA, Outstanding Service Project Award is a joint award for an outstanding service project in the NCD. We are submitting the joint application with our chapter of TBS to apply for OSPA. We are submitting the Day of Service service project which was our work of clearing the hangar and moving a ton of instruments to a new site. Please see the January Dart if you would like more information!

Kappa Kappa & Tau Beta Snap Streak

Once again our community chair, Joshua Woods, came up with a new idea to promote community and bonding within our chapter (and extending to sister sorority TBΣ). For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Snapchat is a mobile app where you can send pictures with captions to your friends instantly. A feature on Snapchat allows you to see how many days you have a “snap streak,” which is a streak of sending “snaps” (or photos) everyday to a friend. Josh gauged interest and paired up people in competition for the longest snap streak! The FIRST winner of Kappa Kappa Snap Streak is the pair of Natalie Lamport and Jacob “Moose” Williams! Congrats to them and thanks to Josh for the great idea!

Brother of the Week Paddle

Emily Pawluk, a sophomore tenor saxophonist in nursing, was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle by yours truly for her spectacular dedication and passion for this chapter. Emily has always been a positive force in this chapter and does a lot of behind the scenes work that often goes unrecognized. As one of our co-growth chairs, this semester Emily took it upon herself to actually create a real, physical scrapbook of every active brother of Gamma Pi accompanied with photos and bios of each member. Emily is a wonderful asset to this chapter and a fun fact about her is she is very crafty- in addition to the scrapbook she likes to make loop rugs, pillows, bracelets, and paint furniture!

Adam Mills was awarded the Brother of the Week paddle from Emily for being a wonderful brother, especially behind the scenes! Adam is currently working on a complete family tree dating back to the origins of the Gamma Pi chapter. Adam is not doing this for a school project or for recognition in the chapter. He is merely doing it out of the goodness of his heart combined with the passion he has for Kappa Kappa Psi. Adam is a sophomore trombonist in the AAMB and a fun fact about him is his great grandfather created the mold for the original Barbie Doll.


Winter 2017 President’s Letter

Greetings Brothers!

I hope everyone has had a great start to their new year and are sticking to those resolutions. It is my pleasure to share with you all some updates and our own resolutions for the Association this year.

Since the restructuring of the organization back in the fall, we on the executive council have had several discussions about what next steps should be and how to improve as an alumni organization. Everything we have talked about gets back to communication- with ourselves, with other alumni, and with the active chapter. Our main goal this year is to start asking questions to have great discussions about what you want to see this organization do, keeping you in the loop, and continuing to provide fraternal support for the active members.

What does this look like? That will take some time to find out and we need your help to do it. Get engaged on social media and we will keep you updated with Degree dates and other opportunities to support the active chapter. More voices = more ideas = more happening.

Finally, I would like to thank David Robinson and Scott Kubly for all they have done for this organization over the years. Both of them have made the decision to resign from their positions as Members at Large on the leadership council with their sights set on new opportunities. We wish them all the best!

I look forward to a year of growth and continued striving. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I would love to hear from you!


Carolyn Tripp
GPAA President
Purdue School of Nursing 2015

January Dart 2017

Greetings Gamma Pi Alumni! Welcome to the first dart of the spring semester. This dart is lengthy, but reflects everything our active brothers have done thus far including the new executive board, Day of Service, First Degree, and a special road trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Honda Battle of the Bands!

Spring Semester Executive Board and Committee & Special Chairs:
A new semester means new brothers joining leadership positions! Elections for this Spring Semester decided upon a leadership board consisting of:

President: Christopher Ioerger
Vice President: Jacob Boesch
Vice President of Membership: Emily Damone
Treasurer: Nick Iavagnilio
Secretary: Laura Long
Historian: Stuart McCrorie
Alumni Secretary: Olivia Glowacki

Community Chair: Joshua Woods
Co-Growth Chairs: Emily Davelis and Emily Pawluk
Co-Initiative Chairs: Emily Dawley and Adam Mills
Integrity Chair: Andee Reynolds
Passion Chair: Kyle Manion

Finances Head: Kristin Darling
Computer Guru: Jacob Dunbar
Publicity Chair: Russell House

Congratulations to all the brothers who ran for these positions and to all brothers who were elected!

Brothers & Sisters from the Day of Service posing after the very long day!

Day of Service

The Spring Semester got off to a busy start with the Day of Service occurring on the first weekend back from break! On an early, icy Saturday morning, around 60+ Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi and Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma worked together on numerous projects. We broke up into groups which either cleaned Elliott, wrote cards to alumni, or the most daunting task of clearing the Purdue Band and Orchestra’s storage space in the hangar. The purpose of the clearing was to go through old instruments and decide which ones were salvageable to keep, and which ones to toss because of their withered condition. The largest portion of clearing the hangar was gathering everything to move to storage units on campus. During the move, huge shelving units had to be disassembled as well as all the instruments, boxes of uniforms and music, and other various band items that took up enormous amounts of space. All shelving units, salvageable instruments, uniforms and music were moved in two giant loads to the storage unit where brothers and sisters formed assembly lines of moving items out of the truck. From there, we put together the shelving units and filled them with the items from the hangar. After hours of work, the band has an updated inventory of instruments and a cleaner, neater space where everything has a place! In addition to all the brothers and sisters who came, prospective members interested in interviewing for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma came to help out too!

Membership Candidate Interviews

Spring semester is our busy time for recruitment! All brothers met and divided up into groups based on Kappa Kappa Psi values- brotherhood, leadership, musicianship, and service. A fifth “fun” group was added to ease any interview stress and answer any questions prospective members had. For those unfamiliar with the interview process, each values group comes up with a few questions in which prospective members answer by walking around each group for a total of 5 minutes per group. After two days of interviews and around 23 prospective members total, our chapter is excited to extend bids and induct a new class in the following months!

Leadership Conference

Several of our brothers had the opportunity to travel to Indiana State University for Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma’s Leadership Conference. The two organizations split off and completed ice-breakers, sat in on valuable work-shops, and had the opportunity to talk with and meet other chapter representatives.

First Degree

On Sunday January 29, 2017 membership candidates and active brothers met at Slayter Hill for the first ritual in our membership process. With two more rituals to go, more events to attend, and more lessons to learn, the prospective members have so much still ahead of them! We are all excited to see their progress and excitement in our membership process, and next month short bios and pictures will be up of all of our new membership candidates!


Honda Battle of the Bands

The 13 who participated in the HBOB trip

Joshua Woods (Community Chair) and Kyle Manion (Passion Chair) led a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Honda Battle of the Bands (HBOB), a marching band exhibition of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Since 2003, Honda Battle of the Bands has been a way to showcase Black excellence in music through marching band performances. This year, for the 15th annual HBOB, Gamma Pi showed up!

A group of brothers who stayed at Emily’s aunt’s (pictured center) house. Once again, thank you so much Emily’s Aunt Diane!
Brothers at Rachel’s apartment! Thanks so much Rachel! AEA

Friday January 27th, three car loads of brothers road tripped nearly 11 hours to Atlanta, Georgia for the event on Saturday. After numerous stops to pick up 2 brothers on co-op this semester, and a dinner stop to Waffle House in Kentucky, we safely arrived in Atlanta, Georgia!
Nick Iavagnilio’s car of brothers including Emily Davelis, Katie Boyer, and myself stopped at Emily’s aunt’s house who provided us with the utmost southern hospitality by giving us with pizza and wonderful accommodations to spend the night. Joshua Woods’ car of Kyle Manion, Natalie Lamport, and Emily Pawluk slept at graduated Gamma Pi brother, Rachel Schmidtt’s apartment. A following car of brothers (who got in around 4am) including Kristin Darling, Garrett Bruns, Russell House, and Brendan Schultz also resided at Brother Schmidtt’s apartment. A HUGE thank you to Emily’s Aunt and Rachel Schmidtt who helped us on our adventure to Atlanta. Thank you for your kind hospitality! We couldn’t have done it without you!

The following morning, all 13 of us went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site including Ebenezer Baptist Church, where MLK Jr. first began preaching as a reverend. We sat in the same pews hundreds of activists and leaders sat in decades before, and heard audio recordings of sermons by Martin Luther King Jr. At one point, I heard fellow brother, Natalie Lamport, whisper, “You can feel the history here.”

Across the street, there is a small museum dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement with photos and videos of Americans in the 1960’s along with replicas and antiques of items from that time. The museum housed the Ebenezer Baptist Church’s collection tin, MLK Jr.’s old baseball glove he played with as a child, and had actual photographs of Southern life in the 60’s. Among the hundreds of pictures, there was one old black and white photo of the very church pews we sat in just minutes ago. Every single seat was filled to hear Martin Luther King Jr. preach about equality, love, and kindness. That moment, put sitting in the church in perspective and allowed us to have a connection between Martin Luther King Jr.’s messages and ideals and how they still ring true today.

Outside of the museum, the coffins of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King rest upon a shallow pool of water similar to the reflecting pool in Washington D.C. where King led his March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and also gave his famous, “I Have a Dream Speech.” An eternal flame was adjacent to the pool of water representing the everlasting truth of Dr. King’s ideals.

Our Atlanta trip wouldn’t have been done right if we didn’t have a traditional Southern brunch! After the MLK Jr. Historical Site, we got brunch at The Republic Social House and indulged in biscuits and gravy, chicken, grits, shrimp, and “The Georgia Peach,” which is french toast with vanilla cream cheese and Georgian peaches! Once again, we’d like to thank Brother Schmidtt for treating us to brunch and showing us around Atlanta!

The main event, Honda Battle of Bands started promptly at 3:00 and showcased the talent of eight Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) marching bands from all around the South like Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina. 12 of the 13 brothers who went to Atlanta are or were a part of the All-American Marching Band at one point, and every one of us was impressed and amazed at the talent of the marching bands. Ne-Yo performed as well, after the first four of the bands went on. Joshua Woods comically remarked, “Ne-Yo was a halftime show for a halftime show.”

The performance ended at 6, and after our long day in Atlanta, we ate some dinner, called it a night, and drove back to Purdue the next morning.

Each of us had our own favorites about the trip. For some it was the quintessential “college road trip” they’ve heard about and always wanted to do. Some loved seeing the historic sights of the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement and the monuments to Dr. King. Georgian cuisine (although not very healthy for us!) was a favorite along with connecting closer to our fellow brothers over music. Of course another favorite was HBOB itself and seeing HBCU marching bands, which many of us don’t usually see. In this last, final section of this very long post, I will share with you the favorite memories from some of the brothers who went to Atlanta, Georgia in their own words!

Joshua Woods: “The time we were walking around and that car yelled KK, and we responded Psi-yyyy was one of my highlights.”

Kyle Manion: “I just want it to be noted that this started as a crazy idea between two brothers, and it became something so much more. Also, favorite moment was the shoutout to all the Asians in the Georgia Dome.” [Disclaimer: the DJ who self-identified as Asian, said his favorite thing about HBOB was the fact he was the only Asian in the Georgia Dome to which Kyle jumped to his feet proudly announcing the DJ was not alone]

Katie Boyer: “One of my favorite moments was when we first saw the Atlanta skyline at night once we finally made it. The four of us in the car got excited and pumped up, and it was a really great moment to share with my brothers. It’s like that beautiful sight in front of us was as sign that this was going to be a great weekend, and it was!”

Emily Pawluk: “My favorite moment was when I woke up to see that 5 other brothers had arrived. Especially since I had not seen two of them for lik

Josh made it!

e two months it was so special to be reconnected. Also everyone else’s face when the honey baes came on- they are my spirit animal.” [Disclaimer: The “ ASU Honeybeez” or as Emily refers to them as the “Honey Baes” are one of the amazing dance teams we saw at HBOB]

Brendan Schultz: “The Honeybeez, dancing with Emily [Pawluk], and making it on the

big screen like 5 times! Also the fact we met two people that knew Joe [Pacheco].” [Disclaimer: Joe is an active brother of Gamma Pi who knew a lot of people who went to HBOB]

Russell House: “The Honeybeez, taking a picture of sleeping Josh, the Honda Battle of the Bands, meeting Vanderbilt TBS peeps, meeting other bros and sisters, visiting the brothers I haven’t seen in awhile, that one sleeping kid, french toast.” [Disclaimer: there was a sleeping kid who was caught on the big screen and the host ridiculed him until the kid gave him side eyes. It was quite humorous]

Brother of the Week

Joshua Woods was handed off the Brother of the Week paddle to Olivia Glowacki for her success as Alumni Secretary thus far. He commended her on her ability to inform chapter and the alumni at large through monthly darts. Olivia is a sophomore studying Human Services and a fun fact about her is she dearly misses her cat, Ozzy from home. He’s fat and cuddly and I personally think if he went to HBOB he would have thought the ASU Honeybeez were the best, too.


Arrow: December 2016

Arrow: December 2016

End of Semester Wrap Up: December 2016

While I was perusing old alumni arrows, I found many were formal lists of things chapter has done. However, with this new website, a record is kept of what the Gamma Pi chapter has accomplished every month. In an effort to create something new and allow the alumni to get a better picture of who makes up our brotherhood today, in this arrow, I will include profiles of brothers who will tell you what their favorite thing was that we did this semester!

Stuart McCrorie: Circus Show Props

"I think my favorite thing we did this semester was painting the circus show boxes. It was really fun to do, and a really relaxing break to just hang out with brothers, chill, and help make something that would be involved with the show that week. It was also different than done of the things we normally do, which made it a nice change of pace."



Katie Boyer: Band Cheer Board

"This semester I started working on the band cheer board. I came up with the idea to chop up the board so each word and phrase is it's own piece, and to auction off each piece to alumni. I came up with this idea last year and after planning with a committee we decided that the next alumni band would be the best time to auction it off. The auction came from Gamma Pi's most successful fundraiser, when they auctioned off pieces of brick from the old bell tower. With the board I got to work with the artisan and fabrication lab and the students there in order to cut up the board. It was a great learning experience because I learned how to use various saws and how to properly measure the pieces. The project is still going underway, and I'm looking forward to the progress that will come from it."


Kristin Darling: Circus Show Props

"I think my favorite thing I did was organize circus show props. It was very challenging to put them together in such a short amount of time, but it was a very rewarding project to see it used in performance and it was a lot of fun to execute with my brothers"




Natalie Lamport: Indoor Games

"I loved Indoor Games because I got to meet tons of students in the band department whom I had never interacted with before! We had so much fun being silly and spending quality time together."




Brendan Schultz: Reading Band & Bob Ross Night

"I loved attempting to play percussion for reading Band and doing the Bob Ross night!! I had a great time at this year's reading band! I had to come late from a meeting, when I go there I started assembling my instrument and realized there was other Saxophones attempting to play percussion. So I thought wow that would be fun! So I went to the back and played the bass drum and the snare drum!

For the Bob Ross night we had a huge turnout and an amazing time painting with Bob Ross! There was some awesome paintings and fun commentary from people trying to keep up with the Video's painting! Great time and my video turned out great!"

Here is a picture of Bob Ross night led by Joshua Woods our Community Chair!
Adam Mills: State Day

"My favorite memory of KKY this semester was State day. Meeting and getting to know other brothers across the state of Indiana was a lot of fun. It helped me connect with some brothers I had briefly met at convention back in the spring. It was really cool that for an entire day all of the school rivalries were ignored in order to have fun. To this day the fact that I have a way that bonds me to my fellow bandsmen across the country. State day helped me make friends that will last a lifetime. "


Brandon Barker, Grand Poobah: Evolution of Kappa Kappa Psi Over 5 Years

Hello there! My name is Brandon Barker, and I am a 5th year (graduating next week!) in Industrial Management. I currently play Trombone/Bass Trombone in the Jazz Bands, and have played Baritone in the All-American Marching Band and Concert Bands in the past. I joined Kappa Kappa Psi in spring 2013 and have served as Services Head, Treasurer, and most recently Grand Poobah over the course of my time here. I have had the incredible opportunity to see the organization evolve a lot over the course of my time here, and am so happy to see the path that this chapter is on. While many of these changes have had growing pains, we are now a chapter that does more service, encourages more leadership, and has a much better relationship with our sisters in Tau Beta Sigma than when I joined nearly four years ago.

I’d like to share with you all a piece of advice that I shared with chapter as Grand Poobah, and is honestly one of the most important things I’ve ever used to increase the quality of my own life. This comes courtesy of Kurt Vonnegut, the second best thing to come out of Indiana behind Purdue itself. Vonnegut said this: “I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, 'If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.’” This ability to appreciate the little, personal things allows you to focus on enjoying life everyday rather than defining it by big, public moments. Whether this being enjoying a good music rehearsal even though it isn’t a performance, enjoying a small service project even if no one will notice the difference, or just smiling at the sunset as I walk home from a chapter meeting, I have had hundreds of moments in my time as a musician, brother, and student at Purdue that have meant a lot to me, even if no one else saw them. I am proud of my personal successes big and small, and I hope you can be proud of yours too. Whether it be looking back on the your time at Purdue or moving forward to whatever the world may bring, take the time to notice and acknowledge your own happiness and use that happiness to continue to strive for the highest.

If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.


Brandon Barker


Christmas Caroling

Pictured left to right are Kristin Darling, Hugh Campbell, Robbie Beck, and Abby Peterson. Photo Creds to Mark Knapp!
Tis the season to play Christmas music, am I right? One brother, Mark Knapp thought so too! He organized an ensemble of brothers to play Christmas tunes one Saturday morning to spread festive holiday joy throughout campus. Mark says, “So we played a ton of classic Christmas carols like Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World, Silent Night, etc.  We started at the Union, in the main lobby by the campus map then moved to Greyhouse coffee.  The Union was pretty empty but the few people who did hear us loved it!  An adorable little girl cheered for us after every song, which definitely made it worth it.  Greyhouse was pretty busy so we had to play outside, but that wasn't a huge problem.  We got a warm reception from people in Chauncey.  Multiple people cheered from their cars and several people walking into the coffee house stopped to listen before walking in.  We did it just to bring some holiday cheer to campus.  We're all pretty stressed this time of year so I just wanted to give people a little break from studying with some fun tunes!”

Secret Santa

At final chapter this semester, each brother was paired up secretly with another in a game of Secret Santa. Joshua Woods, our Community Chair organized this fun, festive activity where he made a survey for everyone asking about their favorite snacks, random facts about them, and things they like. He then paired everyone up, sent their results to their secret Santa, and wonderful gift giving ensued!

Pictured are Olivia Glowacki and her Secret Santa, Garret Bruns. Olivia says, "Josh's Secret Santa idea played out wonderfully! He announced during final chapter for everyone to exchange and there was just a rush of excitement in the room! Garrett Bruns got me the most thoughtful gift ever: a music book of college fight songs (including Purdue) for the ukulele!"


Brother of the Week:

Joshua Woods was given brother of the week from Garrett Bruns who mentioned he was surprised Josh had not gotten it before for all of his hard work! Serving as our Community Chair, Josh successfully organized and planned events for not only Kappa Kappa Psi members, but the entire Bands and Orchestra students at Purdue. One of his most popular events was a Bob Ross painting night, open to the entire department, where students could come and paint along with videos of Bob Ross. He also single handedly organized a Secret Santa and a project to ensure everyone had a home to go to during Thanksgiving. 

A fun fact about Josh is he spent the last two summers interning in public transit and would love to have a career in the field. Anyone who knows Josh knows he loves busses!

Since Laura forgot the Brother of the Week Paddle, Josh is pictured with a hand made sign from Garrett Bruns replicating the Brother of the Week Paddle.


From the Alumni Secretary:

The Gamma Pi chapter kept busy and had a fun semester full of service, musicianship, leadership, and brotherhood. From making props for Homecoming, to hosting State Day, the current brothers have had a successful semester. I hope you all have had enjoyment keeping up on our progress and we welcome any comments or questions on the darts! We love hearing back from you. From the brothers of Gamma Pi, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!

Olivia Glowacki

Alumni Secretary


November 2016

                                                                 Fall Fest:

Emily Damone playing “Pumpkin Bowling” on Hull Field for Fall Fest!

On Halloween this year Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma partnered to host Fall Fest on Hull Field for prospective members of either service organization. Emily Damone, our Vice President of Membership, was in charge of the recruitment event and planned several fun fall themed activities and games for brothers and sisters to relax and have fun in the midst of midterm season. Among some of the activities were hay rides on the marching band gators, pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, and a costume contest. Hot apple cider was also provided for the night. 

Indoor Games:

Another favorite recruitment event of ours is hosting Indoor Games! The entire current chapter invites any prospective members to join them for a weekday stress reliever of playing board games together. This allows chapter to break up into small groups and get to know perspectives on a personal level. Emily Damone our Vice President of Membership says, “We were playing everything from euchre to typical board games- some people even brought knitting materials! We had marching band videos playing on the screen just for fun!” It’s safe to say indoor games was a good stress reliever! 


Reading Band:

Aligning with one of our values of musicianship, the Gamma Pi chapter hosted a “Reading Band” for a recruitment event! This event entails brothers and prospective members gathering in Elliott to sightread fun tunes and goof around. It helps perspectives and brothers get together and bond over the very thing that connects us: music. Some people even played instruments which are not their primary. Brendan Schultz, Abby Peterson, and Russell House who are all saxophonists switched to percussion for the night to spice it up a bit! Emily Damone who was also in charge of this event mentioned to me, “We played songs some people suggested on the Facebook event page for it. Conductors were random people from the band who wanted to give it a shot. It obviously wasn’t perfect or pretty all the time but it’s a great experience!” Reading band is a recruitment event we love to put on!

Project Thanksgiving!

Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods is pictured center. He plays alto sax in the AAMB!

Our Community Chair, Joshua Woods, had an absolutely amazing idea to spread holiday spirit throughout the entire band organization. As Purdue is a multi-cultural school where students come from across the globe and often many thousands of miles away, he understood it is difficult or unattainable for some to get home for Thanksgiving. A band tradition is to not have anyone left behind for Thanksgiving. Many section members through word of mouth will invite friends who come from California or Minnesota to go to their house in Indiana or Ohio and spend it with them and their families so no one has to spend a holiday alone in the dorms. Joshua Woods took a special initiative this Thanksgiving by sending out a survey to every member of all bands at Purdue (not just the marching band, and not just Kappa Kappa Psi members) to make sure they had a place to go. If they didn’t he would match them up with people who could take them and he even took a few band members himself for Thanksgiving. Josh comments, “There has been a big push to make the department feel more inclusive and really show the indoor ensembles that they are an important part of the Purdue Bands and Orchestras Family. With this in mind, I’ve spent my time as community chair trying to find the cracks between this vision, and reality. One such crack I saw was the fact the the Marching band does a great job within sections of making sure nobody spends Thanksgiving on campus alone, but other than Prof. Gephart making an announcement in Wind Ensemble, this isn’t seen to as well in the indoor ensembles. The point of this program was to ensure that anybody who is a part of the Purdue Bands and Orchestras family has at least 1 option for spending Thanksgiving with a family and getting a home cooked meal. After sending out the survey, I was overjoyed at the number of PBO students willing to open up their homes with student from the marching band, fall concert bands and orchestras responding. In the end, there were far more people who opened up their home than people who needed a home to go to, but the overwhelming outpouring of support from the members of the department made my day. I definitely plan on doing this again next Thanksgiving.” Great job, Josh! 

The Old Oaken Bucket:

This year, Purdue had the opportunity to send a rather large (around 100 members!) pep band to IU for the historic Old Oaken Bucket game. Although the Boilers lost by a measly two points, members of the pep band still had a blast cheering on the team. Members of the pep band who were also brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi got to meet with the Alpha Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at IU! Nick Iavagnilio was among the brothers who got to meet the AZ chapter and he said, “It was a great chance to connect with some of our Indiana brothers again! Especially since we weren’t sure if they would have time during the game to come say hi. I got to reconnect with brothers whom I’d met at convention last semester and even met new brothers whom I’d never talked to before!” Nick, as well as other Gamma Pi brothers, have strengthened ties across chapters with fellow brothers!

Looking Ahead: North Central District Convention

The 2017 Convention of the North Central District of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma will be hosted at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio from April 7 to April 9, 2017. Hosting convention will be the Chi and Eta Chapters from Ohio State University, the Iota Epsilon Chapter at Capital University, and the Gamma Omicron Chapter of Otterbein University.

Gamma Pi recently voted on our delegate for the convention and it is our Vice President, Jacob Boesch.

For more information on NCD Con please go to https://kkytbsncd.org/convention/

Brother of the Week Paddle

Laura Long pictured with the Brother of the Week Paddle!
Laura Long pictured with the Brother of the Week Paddle!

Laura Long was awarded the Brother of the Week paddle from Nick Iavagnilio.

Garrett Bruns pictured to the right!
Garrett Bruns pictured to the right!

Nick states, “I gave it to her because she’s been doing a great job as a new member on the exec board not only as a contributing member but also as a secretary for the chapter. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure chapter is always up to date on events and projects!” Laura is a brother from the class “Break the Psilence” and studies Psychology and Statistics here. A fun fact about Laura is she is studying abroad in Florence, Italy this summer!

Garrett Bruns is a junior at Purdue studying Chemical Engineering. As our finances head, he was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle for his outstanding and innovative ideas for garnering more capital and donations for our organization. One of his events this year was a skip a meal, or a give back night, at Cousin Pauly’s where he helped raise $84.66 for our chapter! Garrett’s dedication to the finances chair has greatly helped our chapter and his commitment is incredible! A fun fact about Garrett is he has watched every single episode of The Office twice.


Alumni Dart – October 2016

University of Illinois Away Trip


During our Fall Break, the marching band took our annual away trip. This year on October 8th, the All-American Marching Band visited the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. Before kickoff, our band and auxiliary had the opportunity to meet and visit with the “Marching Illini” and our Gamma Pi chapter had the experience of meeting with the newly formed Nu Xi chapter. We talked about our chapters, exchanged gifts, and took a photo of the two chapters! Our Gamma Pi historian Griffin Holland had the responsibility of giving the Nu Xi chapter a gift and decided on a Purdue Pot! Since pots are rooted in Gamma Pi tradition and history, Griffin decorated the pot with various Boilermaker pride trinkets and pins. The Nu Xi chapter granted us a Kappa Kappa Psi paddle in the spirit of brotherhood. (more…)

Fall 2016 President’s Letter

Greetings Brothers!

For those who may not know me, my name is Carolyn Tripp –  recent graduate of 2015 from Purdue’s School of Nursing, and Gamma Pi Initiation class of Spring 2013. I have been serving on Gamma Pi Alumni Association’s Board of Directors since the fall of 2015 and took up the position of Chairwoman in the spring of this year. I play the trumpet, I served in the student leadership in the All-American Marching Band, Boiler Box Band, and Gold and Black Sound, as well as in a couple leadership positions in the undergraduate chapter. I had the privilege to attend KKPsi Conventions at the District and National levels during my four years, as well.

During the most recent meeting of the Association during Homecoming weekend on October 15th, some major constitutional changes were voting on by those members present. Those changes were the dissolution of the Board of Directors and the suspension of dues, and the associated wording for each. Governing the Association is the executive council that was already in place alongside the Board of Directors. Those already holding office prior to these changes will continue to hold their office with the exception of Ben Murphy, who chose to step down from the office of President to Member at Large. The leadership and their roles are as follows: (more…)