Fall Fest:

Emily Damone playing “Pumpkin Bowling” on Hull Field for Fall Fest!

On Halloween this year Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma partnered to host Fall Fest on Hull Field for prospective members of either service organization. Emily Damone, our Vice President of Membership, was in charge of the recruitment event and planned several fun fall themed activities and games for brothers and sisters to relax and have fun in the midst of midterm season. Among some of the activities were hay rides on the marching band gators, pumpkin bowling, bobbing for apples, and a costume contest. Hot apple cider was also provided for the night. 

Indoor Games:

Another favorite recruitment event of ours is hosting Indoor Games! The entire current chapter invites any prospective members to join them for a weekday stress reliever of playing board games together. This allows chapter to break up into small groups and get to know perspectives on a personal level. Emily Damone our Vice President of Membership says, “We were playing everything from euchre to typical board games- some people even brought knitting materials! We had marching band videos playing on the screen just for fun!” It’s safe to say indoor games was a good stress reliever! 


Reading Band:

Aligning with one of our values of musicianship, the Gamma Pi chapter hosted a “Reading Band” for a recruitment event! This event entails brothers and prospective members gathering in Elliott to sightread fun tunes and goof around. It helps perspectives and brothers get together and bond over the very thing that connects us: music. Some people even played instruments which are not their primary. Brendan Schultz, Abby Peterson, and Russell House who are all saxophonists switched to percussion for the night to spice it up a bit! Emily Damone who was also in charge of this event mentioned to me, “We played songs some people suggested on the Facebook event page for it. Conductors were random people from the band who wanted to give it a shot. It obviously wasn’t perfect or pretty all the time but it’s a great experience!” Reading band is a recruitment event we love to put on!

Project Thanksgiving!

Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods is pictured center. He plays alto sax in the AAMB!

Our Community Chair, Joshua Woods, had an absolutely amazing idea to spread holiday spirit throughout the entire band organization. As Purdue is a multi-cultural school where students come from across the globe and often many thousands of miles away, he understood it is difficult or unattainable for some to get home for Thanksgiving. A band tradition is to not have anyone left behind for Thanksgiving. Many section members through word of mouth will invite friends who come from California or Minnesota to go to their house in Indiana or Ohio and spend it with them and their families so no one has to spend a holiday alone in the dorms. Joshua Woods took a special initiative this Thanksgiving by sending out a survey to every member of all bands at Purdue (not just the marching band, and not just Kappa Kappa Psi members) to make sure they had a place to go. If they didn’t he would match them up with people who could take them and he even took a few band members himself for Thanksgiving. Josh comments, “There has been a big push to make the department feel more inclusive and really show the indoor ensembles that they are an important part of the Purdue Bands and Orchestras Family. With this in mind, I’ve spent my time as community chair trying to find the cracks between this vision, and reality. One such crack I saw was the fact the the Marching band does a great job within sections of making sure nobody spends Thanksgiving on campus alone, but other than Prof. Gephart making an announcement in Wind Ensemble, this isn’t seen to as well in the indoor ensembles. The point of this program was to ensure that anybody who is a part of the Purdue Bands and Orchestras family has at least 1 option for spending Thanksgiving with a family and getting a home cooked meal. After sending out the survey, I was overjoyed at the number of PBO students willing to open up their homes with student from the marching band, fall concert bands and orchestras responding. In the end, there were far more people who opened up their home than people who needed a home to go to, but the overwhelming outpouring of support from the members of the department made my day. I definitely plan on doing this again next Thanksgiving.” Great job, Josh! 

The Old Oaken Bucket:

This year, Purdue had the opportunity to send a rather large (around 100 members!) pep band to IU for the historic Old Oaken Bucket game. Although the Boilers lost by a measly two points, members of the pep band still had a blast cheering on the team. Members of the pep band who were also brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi got to meet with the Alpha Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at IU! Nick Iavagnilio was among the brothers who got to meet the AZ chapter and he said, “It was a great chance to connect with some of our Indiana brothers again! Especially since we weren’t sure if they would have time during the game to come say hi. I got to reconnect with brothers whom I’d met at convention last semester and even met new brothers whom I’d never talked to before!” Nick, as well as other Gamma Pi brothers, have strengthened ties across chapters with fellow brothers!

Looking Ahead: North Central District Convention

The 2017 Convention of the North Central District of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma will be hosted at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio from April 7 to April 9, 2017. Hosting convention will be the Chi and Eta Chapters from Ohio State University, the Iota Epsilon Chapter at Capital University, and the Gamma Omicron Chapter of Otterbein University.

Gamma Pi recently voted on our delegate for the convention and it is our Vice President, Jacob Boesch.

For more information on NCD Con please go to https://kkytbsncd.org/convention/

Brother of the Week Paddle

Laura Long pictured with the Brother of the Week Paddle!
Laura Long pictured with the Brother of the Week Paddle!

Laura Long was awarded the Brother of the Week paddle from Nick Iavagnilio.

Garrett Bruns pictured to the right!
Garrett Bruns pictured to the right!

Nick states, “I gave it to her because she’s been doing a great job as a new member on the exec board not only as a contributing member but also as a secretary for the chapter. She goes above and beyond her duties to ensure chapter is always up to date on events and projects!” Laura is a brother from the class “Break the Psilence” and studies Psychology and Statistics here. A fun fact about Laura is she is studying abroad in Florence, Italy this summer!

Garrett Bruns is a junior at Purdue studying Chemical Engineering. As our finances head, he was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle for his outstanding and innovative ideas for garnering more capital and donations for our organization. One of his events this year was a skip a meal, or a give back night, at Cousin Pauly’s where he helped raise $84.66 for our chapter! Garrett’s dedication to the finances chair has greatly helped our chapter and his commitment is incredible! A fun fact about Garrett is he has watched every single episode of The Office twice.


November 2016

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Ken! Josh had great initiative to command this project and include everyone and we’re all so proud of him!

  • Wow, Brothers, way to go! As I’ve read through the past several Darts and Arrows, there have been many instances when I’ve thought, “These young men and women are amazing!” I remember how stretched for time I often felt when trying to balance classes, band, Head of Clothing duties, and KKPsi activities, too. And I don’t think we were doing nearly as much then as you are now… and you’re making it look easy! Gamma Pi, you should be very proud of all that you’re accomplishing!

    ITB, Bridget (Burchett) Patterson — All Dat and a Bag of Chips, Sp. ’96

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bridget! We have a wonderful cohort of brothers who stay active as you can tell! We try to foster an environment of brainstorming and idea sharing to accomplish our goals and have fun too! We love your class name by the way!

    2. Agreed 100% Bridget, I’m very impressed with how Gamma Pi continues to change with a very impressive mix of social, service and music activities!

      Matt Zuske – All Dat and a Bag of Chips, Sp. ’96

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