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November is always a busy month. It’s the month of musicianship, it’s the wind-down of the marching season, and a busy time in the school year for us students. Nevertheless, the Gamma Pi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi has kept busy with service projects, recruitment events, and other activities. Read on to see what we have been up to this month!


Day of Service

Our largest recruitment and service event this semester was Day of Service which took place on November 11th and was a joint effort from the Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi and Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma.


Meeting other Brothers!

Football has brought other brothers to us this month! Earlier we hosted a Big 10 game against Illinois and some members of the Marching Illini came to support their team and watch us play! At third quarter, brothers of the Nu Xi chapter met brothers in the AAMB and we sang the hymn together. It was a wonderful display of brotherhood and musicianship, the very things which bind us together.


Bollywood Night

Our fantastic brother, Natalie Lamport, an oboist and community chair for our chapter hosted “Bollywood Night,” where she put on Bollywood movies and led a host of fun activities for the night in the spirit of brotherhood and musicianship!


A Spotlight on Justin Schaefer, the Shaker and Mover Behind Dues Reduction

This month, Justin Schaefer, our finances chair, has made an initiative for brothers to earn money towards their dues by participating in services at basketball games. Read on for Justin’s statement about his work and dedication to making chapter more feasible and accessible to bandsmen.

“This semester, our chapter had the opportunity to volunteer for Andy Frain Services. We have volunteered with Andy Frain during the last spring semester by ushering for the men’s and women’s basketball games as a way to raise funds for our chapter. With the cost of dues being relatively high for some brothers, and with the high cost of membership candidate (MC) dues in the spring, we wanted to try to help to lower that cost. A couple weeks ago, we started allowing brothers to volunteer with Andy Frain to work to reduce their dues. 70% of all funds raised goes towards the brothers that volunteered to pay off their dues. The other 30% goes towards the incoming MC class to help reduce the cost of their dues. So far, we have raised $81 for the MC class. We hope to meet our goal of $300 for the MC class by the end of the semester.”


Pot Peaks

This month’s pot peak is brought to you by Brendan Shultz. Before the bucket game this year, Brendan said that a pink glove on his pot reminded him of his favorite Purdue sporting event! This glove is from the B10 women’s basketball tournament, when the team made it to the finals and were playing Notre Dame! In this game Purdue was the underdog, and the women’s basketball team came back to tie the game and bring it into overtime! He also recalled how the small band of GABS members cheered louder than the stadium of Notre Dame fans!


Brother of the Week

Brendan Schultz passed the Brother of the Week Paddle to Alec Pederson, the music chair for the chapter. Alec is a snare player on the drumline for the All-American Marching Band who was awarded the Brother of the Week Paddle for his clear passion and devotion to the “music chair” (passion chair) of our chapter. He always posts great playlists and music shares which is a great addition to chapter. This year Alec has also been responsible for Friday home game passing pep bands. Congrats, Alec!


Alec Pederson passed the paddle to Andee Reynolds for her work as Vice President for our chapter. Andee is a concert band trumpet player who is a junior in Kappa Kappa Psi. She helps organize all the chairs and special people in chapter. Congrats Andee!


Andee passed it on to Anna Sagstetter who is one of our co -growth chairs for the chapter. Anna  is a trumpet player in the Purdue All-American Marching Band who stepped in to fill a co-growth chair position when the one of the two chairs went conditional for the semester! She has done a fantastic job jumping headfirst into her new position. Congrats, Anna!


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