Greetings Alumni!


Special thanks to the Leff family who have helped the project completion, we are grateful for your dedication, and help.

Recruitment Events: Indoor Games, Bob Ross Night, Trivia, and MORE!

A traditional recruitment event of ours is Indoor Games where prospective brothers and sisters and current brothers and sisters of each service organization come together for a night of fun games between midterm studying! Games like monopoly, uno, and taboo were common staples of the night. The movie, “Mean Girls,” also played in the background. It was all around a fun time to get to know potential members as well as an opportunity for them to get to know us and our organization. Thanks to all those who helped out and brought games to Indoor Games night!


In addition to Indoor Games, our Community Chair also put on a “Bob Ross Night,” where band members came to paint nature scenes on canvas like Bob Ross. Brendan rented out the biggest lecture hall on campus, Class of 50, and played videos of Bob Ross painting so everyone could follow along. It was a fun, well attended event- and one of our favorites to put on!


Trivia Night went well under the trustworthy lead of Jessica Sullivan. Prospective members came out and got to break into teams to compete for winner of Purdue Band Knowledge! Thanks to all who came out and had fun- and special thanks to Jessica for prepping for Trivia Night!


We are also looking forward to Halloween where we will be hosting an event called “Thrill on the Hull” where we will have hay rides on the band gator, tarot card readings, pumpkin carving, costumes, and more!


Pot Peaks!
This month’s Pot Peaks is brought to you by the lovely Garrett Bruns. Garrett is a senior studying chemical engineering and is also a student leader for the saxophone section in the All-American Marching Band. Garrett’s favorite item on his pot is his big “MISS IT” sign. Garrett had this to say about his sign, “My sophomore year, I was in boiler brass, and we had a game against michigan state that was super hyped up. Both teams were ranked in the top 25 and that was the first time I saw mackey arena super packed and the energy was incredible. They handed those signs out to the student section and we waved them at the opposing team as they were shooting free throws. The game ended up going into overtime and we won, which was fun too haha. I chose to keep that on my pot because it was just a super cool band experience and one of my favorite at Purdue.” Thanks Garrett for being October’s Pot Peaks!


Brother of the Week Paddle

Justin Schaefer passed the paddle down to Jessica Sullivan, the chapter’s Growth Chair for her consistent hard, behind the scenes work to make our recruitment events happen. Jessica created Facebook events for all of our recruitment events and helps create the content of the event like the questions and structure for our trivia night. Jessica is a senior studying Economics and is planning on going to law school! Jess is the section leader of the saxophone section and has held many positions as a brother in the Gamma Pi chapter and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Thanks for all your hard work, Jess!


Jessica Sullivan passed the paddle to Hayden Hermes for his initiative with a new service project for the band centered around fixing up the music stands in performance halls around Purdue. Hayden is a first year brother, a sophomore studying  Materials Science and Engineering and he’s also working on an art minor. Hayden is co-leading the stand refurbishing project at Purdue.. Hayden is also a trumpet player in the All-American Marching Band! Jessica wanted to honor a brother who steps up without necessarily having a leadership title. This is exactly Hayden, who took the initiative to start a new service project and is always helping out others with their projects. Congrats Hayden!


Our last brother of the week was Brendan Schultz for his work as one of our community chairs alongside Natalie Lamport. Brendan has weekly taken the initiative to host activities for Kappa Kappa Psi including Bob Ross Night, Auxiliary Day, and Dogs on the Hull in addition to many more. Brendan is a junior studying engineering and he is a student leader for the alto saxophone section. Way to go!

October 2017 Dart

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