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Recruitment Events: Outdoor Games and Reading Band

Our first recruitment event of the semester was Outdoor Games on Hull Field after practice. Brothers, Sisters, and prospective members for both service chapters gathered together to play ultimate frisbee, kickball, and have fun with one another outside enjoying the late summer weather. Emily Pawluk, our Vice President of Membership who planned the event, said we had an amazing turnout! Fellow Brother Russell House said it was an amazing experience where he got to interact with brothers he doesn’t get the opportunity to speak with in a rehearsal setting.


Reading Band is a traditional recruitment event Gamma Pi normally puts together to engage our value of musicianship. Reading band is just when brothers gather with prospective members and everyone plays an instrument and sightread fun tunes. Many people like to experiment with playing different instruments. Our president, Joshua Woods, normally an alto saxophonist played the flute for reading band. Other band members enjoyed being able to conduct a fun band with some great tunes. Overall it was a great night of musicianship!


State Day

On September 9th, car loads of Gamma Pi brothers ventured off to IU to meet with brothers from the 4 Indiana chapters from Purdue, IU, Indiana State University, and Butler University. State Day 2017 took place at Indiana University’s campus. As always, the day included a cookout, a game of capture the flag, and a lot of get to know you activities! Many brothers in our chapter have formed strong bonds with Alpha Zeta brothers (IU bandsmen) and even stayed the night at IU! Russell House, our Publicity Chair posted this to social media the day after state day, “Yesterday a group of brothers from Gamma Pi traveled down to Bloomington for Indiana State Day! We got to bond with brothers from Butler University, IU, and ISU in a day of games, music, and brotherhood! Some highlights from the trip include capture the flag, a jazz performance of the fraternity hymn arranged by our brother Joe Pacheco, a concert arrangement of the fraternity hymn by a brother from AZ, and some awesome group photos with all the brothers! We want to extend a huge thank you to the brothers of Alpha Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi for hosting a great day! We hope to see the brothers from all the Indiana chapters again real soon! AEA” Emily Damone, Gamma Pi brother had this to say about State Day, “State Day has always been a great event, one of my favorites of the year. As it matures, it’s been great to have relationships grow through other district events and be able to see brothers that are so close on a regular basis.” Emily Pawluk, Gamma Pi Vice President of Membership said, “State day was an amazing day full of brotherhood bonding, music playing and idea exchanging. 10/10 would recommend.”


Band Cheer Board Progress

Thanks to the help of our awesome brothers and the special help of Brother Kelsey Leff’s father, we have a new band cheer board in place! The new band cheer board is constructed on rails in the same spot where the old band cheer board hung. The rails allow for a modular board structure where every phrase in the band cheer has it’s own board which can be slid into the rails in order of the cheer. The modular structure allows for the band cheer board to grow with the times, something the individual board was capable of, but was limited in space. Now we hope brothers ten years down the road will not be in a position where they have to start from scratch with a band cheer board. Once again special thanks to Kelsey Leff’s father and his construction of the new board!


Band Cheer Board Auction

Thank you to all the band alumni, family, and friends who joined us for the band cheer board auction before the Saturday Homecoming game! For those of you who don’t know about the auction, the band cheer outgrew the board with the word additions of Flores and Roy, so we decided to cut up each phrase in the board and auction it to band alumni so they could have the opportunity to take a piece of band history home with them.

The night itself was very successful for us, as we made around $3,000 on the auction which will help pay for the construction of the new board and fund various service projects to help Purdue Bands and Orchestras!


Pot Peaks

This month’s Pot Peak is brought to you by Kelsey Leff! I wanted to feature Kelsey, as she has been so actively involved with Gamma Pi this semester- and she’s only a sophomore! Kelsey plays trombone in the marching band and is a pre-pharmacy student! Kelsey’s favorite item on her pot is her Purdue P Star which is traditionally on the marching band hats. She loves the Purdue P Star and all that it stands for as a member of the All-American Marching Band!


Brother of the Week Paddle

Laura Long gave the paddle to Russell House for his dedicated help with the construction of the new band cheer board. He has over 23 service hours and nearly all of them are for the band cheer board construction including painting, sanding, and putting up the rails. In addition to this help, Russell also is known for his candid photoshop work in making flyers for events and updating all of our social media accounts on a consistent basis! Congrats to Russell House, our Publicity Chair, who has earned brother of the week!


Russell House passed the paddle down to Kelsey Leff similarly to her help with the band cheer board! Without her help, and the help of her father, we surely would not have a new band cheer board, something so critical to our band history. Kelsey is our Initiative Chair and has dedicatedly spent hours and hours painting and perfecting the each phrase of the extremely long cheer, and her service and help are so appreciated by everyone in the band! Congrats Kelsey! We thank you and your family for your service!


Kelsey Leff passed the paddle to Olivia Glowacki for her work with the old band cheer board by setting a date for brothers to come in and sand and polish the old phrases for the auction, and help facilitate the auction. Olivia is the alumni secretary for the chapter and is a junior majoring in Human Services. She’s a student leader for the tenor sax section and is ecstatic that the auction was such a success!

Olivia Glowacki passed the paddle to Justin Schaefer for his behind the scenes work in chapter. Justin is our Finances Head and is responsible for a plethora of different things in our chapter like our skip-a-meals which generate a nice profit for us, with little extra effort on our part. He is responsible for stadium cleanup and many other odd jobs for chapter which sometimes go under the radar by chapter at large. Justin is a sophomore in civil engineering and a baritone player in the All-American Marching Band. Congrats to Justin and all the brothers who were named Brothers of the Week for the month of September.

September 2017 Dart

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