The Spring Board meeting was this past April 16th . We would like to congratulate Carolyn Tripp and Chris Jacobus as new members to the board of the Gamma Pi Alumni Association and serving on their first board meeting. Thomas Mesich has also been voted in to serve another 6 years on the board.

The GPAA Board would like to thank everyone who bought one of the “I am an American” Christmas Ornaments. This ornament was to commemorate Roy Johnson’s “I am an American” speech given at every home football game. We netted $5,389.59 from the sales of this ornament.

The Gamma Pi Alumni Association was honored to be the initial signer and donor for the Roy and Sarah Johnson Scholarship Endowment. The Board gave $5K to start the fund and have committed to give another $2,500 here shortly. The Board would like to encourage anyone who wants to give directly to this scholarship to contact Courtney Downey in the band department. This is a wonderful scholarship fund to commemorate all of the service that Roy and Sarah Johnson have done over the years.

The primary focus for the GPAA this year will be to increase alumni membership as well as alumni participation. We have several opportunities at this time that members can volunteer to assist with:

  • Website Admin for our Group Space account.
  • Forming a Merchandise Committee – We are seeking several members with one of those members to head up this committee. The primary goal will be to work on ideas on a limited number of merchandise items that would appeal to band alumni and future Christmas Ornament ideas with our partner vendor.
  • Social Media Coordinator to oversee all of GPAA’s social media accounts to make announcements, relay activities among alumni, and to use social media to connect with our alumni. The Purdue Day of Giving is a prime example of the power of social media with so many band alumni answering the call to give and tagging others to do the same.

The GPAA is in the process of growing and trying to get more involved with our alumni. This is why Jason Mlady has been heading up the Constitutional Change committee for the GPAA. He was been working with various alumni Brothers to figure out the best possible changes to the structure of the organization to better serve both our alumni and the active chapter.

One of the recent changes made this past year to the complimentary membership for graduating seniors has been to include all of the following year, no matter which graduation month you were in. This means anyone graduating in May, August, or December of a year will have the year they graduate in plus the following year as a complimentary membership into the GPAA.

The GPAA is working with the active chapter on a new Band Cheer Sign for room 15 and a new Hull Field sign for the marching band field through financial and other support for these projects. These projects are in their early phases with no budget as of yet, but are expected to be expensive for the quality that is being done. They are both slated to be completed this year if there are no complications.

One of the expenses that the GPAA has help chapter over the years with is the new initiates registration cost for the NCD convention. This year we paid the registration cost for the eighteen that went to district convention. Total cost was $990. Attached you will find a thank you letter from this year’s class, Break the Psilence, expressing their gratitude for covering this cost for them. We hope to continue such worthwhile endeavors in the future to help our active chapter of Gamma Pi as well as the band department. If you haven’t already paid, please send in your $25 dues for this year to help the GPAA continue our support.

To volunteer, give feedback, or ask questions please email me at [email protected]


Ben Murphy
GPAA President

Spring 2016 President’s Letter

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